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09-09-2007, 10:38
I am sure many have already seen this, but I thought I would post it for those who haven't. There are some good new laws

09-09-2007, 16:07
SB 378, known as the “Castle Doctrine,” removes the requirement that persons attempt to retreat before using deadly force to defend themselves.
The Castle Doctrine also protects a CHL holder who uses deadly force, as stated in the law, from civil liability by the person(s) against whom the deadly force was used as well as by the families of the person(s) against whom the deadly force was used.

HB 1839 requires concealed handgun license (CHL) holders to take a continuing education course to renew their CHL every 10 years instead of every five years.
Beginning with the 3rd renewal of a CHL, the CHL must be renewed each year until the 10th year. Renewal until the 10th year renewal is just completing the required paperwork and can be done online.

However, the 10-year renewal will be the same as the current 1st or 2nd renewal and will include the required paperwork as well as finger printing, pictures, class hours, and demonstration of shooting proficiency.