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09-10-2007, 09:57
i just bought a standard colt 45 single stack. it was cheap kaya binili ko, but i have to change the barrel. the orig barrel was threaded para maging bull kaya lang medyo nagloose ung thread kaya nasira ung barrel. conicedentally, i was thinking of buying a norinco or an armscor na icocostomize (Naingit ako sa mga 45s nyo) thats why i talked the owner to sell it to me nlang. which he did at a very cheap price. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

it has a orig colt reciever and barrel kaya lang the slide was a 77, kaya inde ko na pede irestore.

im now looking for a 1911 barrel. do u guys know if orig colt barrel is still available d2? or if not, ano kaya ang magandang barrel?? i prefer sana ung hinde locally made na barrel sana, ung medyo mura lang inde naman ung scheumann and barsto price range. i just dont know kung ano ang maganda.

secondly, do i go with a bull barrel or an standard barrel??

tnx again

btw, the gun was licensed.

09-11-2007, 00:32
I think I saw some stainless ones at PBDionisio Makati Cinema Square.:)