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Glenn E. Meyer
09-10-2007, 11:55
1. I'm in HEB and see a Scene in SA magazine. Normally I never read it but here's a big picture of a snubby and the title License to Carry!

I figure it will be a piece calling us nuts. But to my surprise it is a tremendous progun article. It detailed how CHL cuts crime and the positive new changes in the castle and car carry laws.

Will wonders never cease?

2. I've heard that we are getting a new Dick's sporting goods store in San Antonio on Culebra and 1604. So as I was driving to the IDPA match (great fun at River City), I saw a sign for it. So we have built a whole slew of neat stores lately - Sportsman's Warehouse, Bass Pro, Cabelas - in Buda, some new Academys.

09-10-2007, 13:44
sportsman's warehouse rocks. :banana:

I'm in there all the time.