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09-14-2007, 13:44
Our dept. is pushing for members to seek Fire Science degrees by creating a $300 monthly incentive. They are ALSO going to require degrees in order to promote to officer ranks.

A $450 monthly Paramedic incentive will be offered, up from the current $250.

All of this is supposed to be attained on "my time, my dime". Who else works a dept that is stressing education, and how is your organization assisting you?

09-14-2007, 15:23
Officer rank and education as follows:

Lieutenant: National Pro Board Fire Officer I
Captain: National Pro Board Fire Officer II
Battalion Chief: National Pro Board Fire Officer III and associates degree
Division Chief, Deputy Chief, and Chief of Dept: Bachelors and somewhere in there I believe it goes to FOIV, but not sure where.

We get a $1750/yr EMT-P incentive in addition to an increase in base pay increase.

Firefighter grades as follows with 5% increase between each grade:

FFII: Entry level upon academy graduation, National FFII/EMT-B
FFIV: EMT-I/ may or may not be FADO
FFV: EMT-P may or may not be FADO

09-14-2007, 22:15
Higher education where I work is not required for advancement up to the rank of captain, however, it does help.

Once off probationary status, all new FF's are 3-4 classes away from an associates in Fire Science (from the academy and probationary classes.)

Community college classes are reimbursed 100% and higher education than that is reimbursed at 50%.