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Young Once
09-14-2007, 20:34
Guys, do any of you knaow where I can get a good IWB holster for my G27? I tried all the gunstores in MCS and they have no IWB holster for the G27, except for the locally made Tito Roge's which I am using for the moment due to lack of any other available options. Wanted to have one made, but I have not been able to contact Uncle Tony even through the numbers that were provided recently in this forum upon my request. I sure hope you guys can help me by pointing me to where I can get a G27 holster. BTW, just wanted all of you to know, but you probably know this by now, the gun ban has been moved back to September 29. So pwede pa tayo pumutok!!! More power everyone!!!

09-14-2007, 21:57
well, if you are willing to spend a bit for shipping, or can have someone bring it for you, any of the galco IWBs are nice, even nicer are holsters from mitchrosen. personally i've only had galco stuff, very good quality.

Young Once
09-14-2007, 22:34
I've never had any experience ordering from abroad. I understand that you can order on-line using your credit card, but is it safe? Call me paranoid, but with all the news going around about credit card fraud, I am a bit apprehensive about trying to do so. Although I am of course more than willing to pay for shipping. Is it possible to order from a gunstore/shop?

09-15-2007, 02:06
i used to carry a g26(same size as a g27). i just put it in my pocket.

i use a debit card for online transactions. i just deposit some cash in it whenever im gonna make a transaction.

09-15-2007, 02:57
+1 sa advice ni sir sonny

yeah, i also got a 26, i always though that the holster is bigger than the gun that's why it's just condition 3, goes straight in the pocket.

i can tuck my shirt in and they can frisk my big tummy all they want, the 26 rides with me all the time. parang may nokia communicator ka lang sa bulsa, pag naka slacks hindi halata at all

09-15-2007, 08:30
try here
order by internet , pay via the following options : Credit card, paypal,Money order or cashiers check, but be warned some members said may extra charge(tax)if you order from the Philippines.

just register an account.

Young Once
09-16-2007, 02:48
Hey guys, thanks for the advice. Zorkd, ako naman minsan, I carry it without a holster under a tucked shirt. Di sya nag pi-print, although I'm afraid na baka malaglag sa pantalon ko down my right pant leg. Hehehe.

09-16-2007, 09:38
carrying IWB without a holster is very uncomportable, lalo na pag pinagpawisan,and yung oil ng pistol humahawa sa underwear, akakagasgas din ng waist..and yes may pwesto or particular time na pwedeng mahulog yung gawa ka na lang Bro ng Leather kay uncle Tony ba yon..any help guys location...i have one gawang bulacan..the smell is not good so i need to wash it once or twice a week, so i ordered a Kydex...hope i get it on time.

09-16-2007, 21:02
Originally posted by Young Once
Guys, do any of you knaow where I can get a good IWB holster for my G27? I tried all the gunstores in MCS and they have no IWB holster for the G27,

Im an owner of G27 as well. I use Uncle Mike's Sidekick Inside-the-Pants Holster. Im not sure if this is what you are looking for. Check this site to confirm.

Bought it at this store.

VLP Trading
121 Kamias Road, QC
921-8315, 9218308
Contact Person: Vilma
Glock 27 - Size 12

Hope this helps./

09-16-2007, 21:55
Anybody had experience with that odd-looking Fobus IWB holster for Glocks? You know, the one without a belt loop. I saw one at Twin Pines for 2k.

09-17-2007, 00:32
catsmeow, if it's the fobus GLC holster you are referring to, it goes between the belt and your waistband, then yes i have experience with that. currently that's what i use.

i wanted to get a fobus roto paddle but bien of SOE showed me a video of how it can be easy to lose weapon retention with that model, so i got this one instead.

as it fits underneath the belt it needs a belt a few sizes larger than my already large waist, but when it is properly fitted, it proves to be a very sturdy holster with a secure but quick enough draw. concealment, well, it hugs you close but not as close as an IWB, a loose t-shirt or polo will easily conceal it, it will easily print if you bend over though.

one plus with it is it will fit all similar frame size glocks, that is basically all of them except for the .45acp and .45gap models.

09-17-2007, 02:24
Thanks, Zorkd, I'll try it.:)

09-17-2007, 05:38
Comp-tac, almost invisible when tucked in nicely.

09-17-2007, 22:25
M-TAC :thumbsup:

Young Once
09-18-2007, 06:18
Zorkd, I was also looking at that holster you mentioned, but it looked kinda bulky. Maybe I'll go and take a second look at it. Flickserve, I use the Uncle Mikes for my larger guns. Unfortunately, I am well endowed in the abdominal area. When I carry a smaller gun, it tends to, how shall I say it....push the gun over and upward my belt, thereby clearly exposing it. Hehehe. Toxic, did you order it from the site/link you posted? Let us know when it arrives so that I'll have an idea of how long it takes.

09-19-2007, 00:53
Y O , Yup i ordered it in the site but im still waiting for it here in my present location, Charlie Xray is the better person to answer your question coz he has a new one that the acquired just recently.

to add ..My CTAC is sent via USPS as soon as i get it ill post the details.

10-01-2007, 12:57
Got my CTAC for subcompact glock after 19 days :banana: (here in the mid east.)Sent via USPS Priority Mail.
Cost me $78.00 for the holster with C Clip kit + $20.00 international shipping charge + $8.50 flatrate handling fee.

Thats $106.00, i also ordered some shirts, cap and shotshell holder para sulit shipping charge.

just be warned kung from there sa Phils ka o-order, i heared you have to pay extra sa Post office, not sure how much.:sad: or if you have relatives in the states who can order it for you and have it sent through balik bayan box malaki savings mo nun pang bala

10-03-2007, 00:44
Bladetech Ultimate concealment holster. You can go tuck in and nobody will know you're carrying.:)