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09-15-2007, 21:26
Does anyone know of an anatomy book designed for martial arts? I know that there are plenty of books out there on anatomy but they are written from a medical or healing perspective. I was wondering if there was a book on anatomy written specificaly for the martial arts?


09-15-2007, 22:53
A search of the web for the phrase "anatomy book designed for martial arts" reveals:

Essential Anatomy For the Martial Artist
By Bruce E. Miller

This book is specifically designed to give the Martial Artist what they have needed all along: A reference of Anatomy and physiology that is referenced for them. Instead of detailed pictures and no reference this book cones down the information to the body points that are of specific interest to the martial artist. And even more important, unlike any other anatomy book out there, this book tells you WHY these areas are important! Try to get that from a standard anatomy text!

Note: this book or booklet is short and concise, and produced in black and white with soft folded paper covers. It is self-published by the author, and offered for the unique quality of its information. You will find nothing elce like it. If you expect a thick glossy book with color photos, however, this book is not for you.