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09-19-2007, 11:51
Since I will be 10 rows from the cage I will get this one going:

Chuck Liddell Vs. Keith Jardine........ Liddell
Thiago Tavares Vs. Tyson Griffin .......Thiago
Mauricio Rua Vs. Forrest Griffin .......Shogun
Kazuhiro Nakamura Vs. Lyoto Machida ....Machida
Jon Fitch Vs. Diego Sanchez ............Fitch
Diego Saraiva Vs. Jeremy Stephens ......Stephens
Scott Junk Vs. Christian Wellisch ......Wellisch
Michihiro Omigawa Vs. Matt Wiman .......Wiman

09-19-2007, 13:19
Originally posted by K-DOG
Since I will be 10 rows from the cage...

I hate you :miff:. And I mean that in the nicest possible way :whistling: ...

Even so, I think you pretty much nailed all the fights the same way I called 'em, except for the Tavares/Griffin fight; I think Griffin's got that'n. We'll see.

Just as a side bar, even though I'm giving the bout to Fitch, I'm curious to see how Sanchez comes out. If it's the same guy that stood still and got punched for three rounds by Koz, he'll get owned.

OTOH, if it's that other cat that broke out a six pack of whoop-ass on Nick Diaz like it ain't no thang and took it to Karo Parisian like nobody else I'd seen up to that point, Fitch might wanna' consider staying at home and watching the PPV with the rest of us.

09-19-2007, 21:22
Fitch v. Sanchez is gonna be sick. Sanchez looked lackluster in his fight with Kos because he had a MAJOR staph infection. Most people hear that and think it isn't THAT big a deal, but Diego almost lost his leg because of it.

Fitch is very underrated. This should be an absolute war.

09-19-2007, 22:17
Originally posted by gr81disp
Fitch is very underrated.

Yeah, I know, but I'll be damned if I know why; that guy's a straight-up bad ass.

And, Diego? Let's be honest: Watching the show, it was downright painfull to listen to him talk. He acted like a complete dumb-ass 11/10ths of the time, and if you'll recall, Stephan Bonnar was there most of that time to tell him as much. Actually, that part was pretty entertaining.

I'll give you that he had talent, but in NO way would I have said (then) that this guy would go for 19 straight wins before being defeated. But after his bout with Diaz, he had nothing but respect from my end. And defeating Karo put some nice tasty frosting on that already triple-layered cake.

Like you say, if Sanchez is his old self, this oughta' be a war!

09-21-2007, 12:11
I won some good money taking Kongo over CroCop, so I threw 50 bucks on Jardine and 50 Forrest, both with 3 to 1 odds. If either get the upset..I'm still looking good.

I like Chuck, but the fact is Chuck can get distracted with the ladies and the clubs and Jardine is a great match up for him. Jardine like to bang..just like Rampage.

I'm with you on Fitch. I hope he throws a good beatin on Diego.

09-23-2007, 16:12
So how much did you make since both your picks won?

09-23-2007, 16:37
300.00 total...150.00 on each. I've had a nice little run on bodog. They gave me 25.00 to come back and play, after about a two month break from playing poker. I bet the first 25.00 on Randy over Gonzaga..took that money and put it on Kongo over CroCop...then these two bets. I've turned the free 25.00 in to over $500.00.

I'll probably take another 50.00 from these winnings and see how far I can take this underdog run and bet on Franklin over Silva.

I won't take Sylvia over Vera, because I think Vera is going to beat the poop out of him

09-24-2007, 20:51
Overall good fights. I wish Shogun had a better performance.. but the seats were good.



09-25-2007, 17:41
Originally posted by K-DOG
Overall good fights. I wish Shogun had a better performance.. but the seats were good.



I Have UFC Envy

09-25-2007, 23:36
Shogun/Griffin was AMAZING!! Was it me, or did Griffin look like Couture with better Jits? He OWNED Shogun that entire fight, then choked him out. Definitely my favorite fight of the night.

09-26-2007, 19:15
I have been to two of Forrest Griffin's fights. Shogun/Griffin and Tito/Griffin and the place just goes nuts when he walks in...

09-26-2007, 23:21
Forrest just looked like a completely different fighter. He has established himself as a contender now.

09-27-2007, 13:32
Fa' shizzle.

I said at the start of T.U.F. 1 I thought he'd be the guy to beat.

Even after the blood bath with him and Bonnar at the finale (which is still the best one by far), he was gonna' be a dude to contend with.

He's come so unbelievably far as a well-rounded fighter since then, but even so, I was still amazed at how easily he tore through Shogun.

Out-friggin'-standing ;).