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09-20-2007, 19:50
Source (http://www.startribune.com/10204/story/1436011.html)

Two losing bidders for the contract to rebuild the 35W bridge in Minneapolis have filed a protest of the state's choice of a construction team from Colorado and Seattle.

The two regional construction teams, C.S. McCrossan and Ames/Lunda, say they were "misdirected by MnDOT regarding the type of proposal desired by the state... MnDOT consistently emphasized to both teams MnDOT's desire for a bridge design and approach that would minimize the cost and time of construction."

The winning proposal, by Flatiron Construction, had the highest price, $234 million, and was tied for the longest construction schedule, 437 days.

McCrossan bid $177 million with a build time of 367 days, while Ames/Lunda bid $178 million and pledged to build the bridge in 392 days.

The Flatiron team was able to win the bidding process because of its high technical score of 91.47. That score was based on design elements, bridge aesthetics, site improvements, quality assurance, public relations efforts and other factors.

The McCrossan team received a score of 65.91, while Ames/Lunda scored 55.98.

"Given the outstanding technical capabilities of these two teams, the relatively low technical capability scores that MnDOT gave to each was arbitrary and capricious and not supported by any credible or substantial evidence," said a letter Thursday from Dean B. Thomson, a lawyer representing McCrossan and Ames/Lunda.

McCrossan and Ames/Lunda are demanding that MnDOT release all of its "scoring, comments and notes" regarding the teams' technical capabilities.

The protest was announced Thursday afternoon by the downtown Minneapolis law firm of Fabyanske, Westra, Hart & Thomson.
Yep I guessed it -- the taxpayers are payeing extra to get a "pretty" bridge and all of us get to suffer without a bridge for longer than neccessary, once again, for a "pretty" bridge.


10-18-2007, 17:59
Altho it says Colorado and Seattle, I believe the parent company is Swiss. Whooohoooo lets farm it out to another state and country.