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09-21-2007, 08:43
Hello there: I live in Puerto Rico, I'll graduate this december from my bachelors in HRM and I'm planning to join the Air Force. Do you guys think that is a good move for me to join??? is it worth it?? I'll also be married by then. By the way, I have a G19 in OD green wich makes everyone go crazy at the local range. Please give me your wisdom and advise.

Thank you!!!

09-21-2007, 15:41
That depends on what you want! I retired from the ANG (I had 7 1/2 years USAF) if you are into technology the AF is the way to go. there are a few career fields that are hands on an actual battle. That is combat control, Para rescue, Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) EOD and to a lesser extent security Forces (I was a career SP/SF guy) I might have left someone out but thats about it. As an officer though you will primarily be in an oversight position with any of those but you will have to go through the same crap.

The AF is very poster childish. they are all about that polished image and for the most part the AF is not "gun people" firearms training for the majority (excluding who I mentioned) is a joke. I instructed for several years. the pay is good and any branch is really designed for that officers have it the best as long as you make your promotions. The AF is VERY POLITICAL FOR MAKING RANK AT ALL LEVELS. It wasn't uncommen to have a bad evauluation written if you were not a member of the NCO/O club etc. I can't speak for the other branches but in the AF you will have to "play the game: as I use to say it.

Good luck!

paper warrior
09-27-2007, 17:18
Just look at the officer's pay chart. Be an NCO and make it a career, then retire in a solid gold coffin.

BTW, VERY worth it, the knowledge and experience, the discounts, the reputation, and of course, the bragging rights. :hugs: