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09-21-2007, 13:38
I'm going to Roanoke next week for some work related duties. I'll be staying at the Holinday Inn Tanglewood. Anything to do in the evenings? Nice places to eat? Thanks in advance.

09-21-2007, 15:15
Pick up a copy of "City" magazine. It's free and can usually be found downtown. Latest issue lists the top eateries. There are dozens of fine places to eat near Tanglewood. Plenty of night spots downtown.

09-22-2007, 12:27
If you've got the pennies, Carlos' Brazilian restaurant is the best eaterie in town, although one of the more expensive, and withing sight of the Holiday Inn. That whole 419 corridor is really growing up, plenty of places to eat.

09-22-2007, 18:02
I'm with Bonk - Carlos' is great.

Now if you want a little more than the continental breakfast at the hotel. Check out Famous Anthony's for breakfast Link Here (http://www.famousanthonys.com/) Short hop from the hotel.

And if you want to check out a gun shop Roanoke Firearms - Link (http://www.roanokefirearms.com/)

09-23-2007, 07:49
419 West is also very good...and about 1/4 mile from the Holiday Inn. I've heard great things about Carlos, but haven't been there. Montano's is also :thumbsup:. Their ribs are incredible!!

09-23-2007, 14:08
Oh yes, Montano's. Franklin Rd, about 1/2 mile from Tanglewood, just inside the city. The dinners are a little pricey, but they have some good lunch specials for about $10 including drink. There's also an Outback Steakhouse and Texas Steakhouse within a few miles.

09-24-2007, 18:51
Thanks all. I tried Montano's this evening and it was good. May go with Carlo's tomorrow.

09-25-2007, 04:30
Head the other way down 419 towards Salem. When you come to the intersection of 419 and Apperson Drive, you'll be at one of the best pizza places in town. Pizza Pasta Pit.

El Rodeo is also good for Mexican if you want that. Same way down 419.

09-25-2007, 18:40
Or stop opposite Lewis-Gale and go in Humble Pie. Good pizza, and always 2-for-1. We get two mediums, eat half of each there, and take the rest home. :thumbsup:

09-25-2007, 23:24
Two of my favorite places, Humble Pie and Pizza Pasta Pit. Though I have to give the win to Pizza Pasta Pit. The wood brick oven gives the crust of pizzas and calzones that special taste :broccoli: