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09-26-2007, 06:06
Hi. Thinking of having a Ziebart store install window tint in my Camry. Anyone use them before? How does their material hold up after a couple of years? Is it pretty scratch resistant etc. You know, is it good tint or crappy. Locally, they are talking $179 to do an entire car. Thanks in advance.

09-26-2007, 08:21
I'm pretty sure that they offer a lifetime warranty on tint. i had a local guy do it for mine and my wife's cars, and he was $100-$200 more than your quote. but he did a superb job. my tint looks like factory glass, without a line, seam, bubble or scratch.

I went to the local Ziebart originally, but a couple "gangsta looking hommies" were the employees and I didn't want to leave my car with them for the day.

I think that the material they use is good quality (thus the lifetime warranty. The quality of their work is only as good as the person, and how he's feeling that day