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10-02-2007, 13:07
I thought I'd give Neph something to see in his forum :wavey: and check on those GTers who believe the pen is truly mightier.

FWIW, my degree is in journalism. Somehow I ended up working as a (non-journalist) photographer instead. Over the next year or so, I see myself transitioning back to writing and have been considering different angles to pursue. Small town paper to get some clips, web-journalism / essays/editorials for established sites (like America's Future Foundation), magazines, short fiction...

We'll see where the adventure goes. There are so many opportunities. When people wonder how I can make a living in the arts as a photographer they forget that they're seeing thousands of images in a day. Someone was paid to make them and I see the same sort of opportunities with writing.

10-04-2007, 21:14
I majored in journalism, too, and was a newspaper reporter for about five years. I miss the deadline rush, but otherwise I'm happy working in a more subdued form of public communications. ;)

Still, that itch to write more rears its head now and again.

I'm looking for motivation. I'm always looking for motivation. I've tried blogging, but haven't kept up with it, which I guess is OK since I only do it to keep the pen lubed, so to speak. I think I need to concentrate on one form or style; I've found a new interest in writing fiction that I didn't have before. I need to make it more of a habit.

Have you written anything specific lately?

10-04-2007, 22:52
By motivation do you mean a topic? I think that comes from opening your eyes and thinking "hey, I could write about this." Of course, it depends on what sort of motivation you're seeking. Motivation for a novel would be different than motivation for an essay on the current failings of Michigan's government. Although I could probably write a novel on that topic.

I'm working on finishing some extremely tight copy for the Colorado Libertarian Party. Basically editing and synthesizing their entire platform statement into a pamphlet. I have several friends in law school and it seems that I'm constantly editing and proofing things for them. I really enjoy that because it requires a much higher level of prose.

Of course, regular ramblings here on GT...

Are you in PR? My persuasive skills and other aspects of my personality have lead to quite a few comparisons to Nick Naylor's character in Thank You For Smoking. I'd be lying if I wasn't flattered; it also opened my eyes to a potential talent I never personally recognized. If you are in PR and looking for interns, I'm moving to Arizona in the first half of November and would love the opportunity to learn more.

10-04-2007, 23:49
I guess by motivation, I mean, how does one motivate himself to get up off his dead tuckus and apply himself to writing for even an hour instead of frittering his time away? :) There have been times when I've been in a good groove and writing at regular times nearly every day. I guess I just need to force the habit again.

I'm not in PR; I work in public information for a local goverment. If I had some of those PR skills I'd be working at an agency for sure so I could stop living like a graduate student. lol We usually don't use interns, most likely because they're unpaid and stop coming to work once they get a real job. ;)

This site has come in handy:
They post a variety of job listings across all industries, from agencies to government to onprofit, and they usually have a good mix of positions, too.

Sgt. Rambo
10-05-2007, 16:29
My first novel "Crossing the Line" is due out this month. Its a border war fiction/action, published by Tate Publishing Mustang OK. I'm due to receive all my pre-printing copies this month and the book goes nationwide in nintey days. I'll try to post more info as the time approaches, but if you like guns, current events, and want a pretty entertaing read, I encourage you to check it out. My website will be up and running shortly, PM if you want further info.

(I hope I didn't take an liberties against the forum for selling

Sgt. Rambo
10-05-2007, 16:31
great Avitar and the book is actually based out of Yuma AZ. Take care and stay safe!:laughabove:

10-08-2007, 19:47
Sgt. Rambo - awesome! I'm very happy for you. Based on your description it sounds intriguing.

TheVeryIdea, thank you for that link. I'll follow up with it. I find that it is easiest to write about things that interest me in one of two ways. First, it would be a topic that I'm already knowledgeable about and could write about nearly indefinitely. The second motivation I have is my own curiosity.

For example, I realized today that if I'm going to eat vegetables, there is a good chance they a) come in a bag, ready to go, or b) are part of a cheeseburger. I am positive I'm not the only guy out there that walks through the vegetable aisle and thinks, "man, I gotta eat more of this stuff but I'll be damned if I have any idea what they are or how to use them."

Interview a chef and a nutritionist, single out "The Top Ten Vegetables You NEED Right Now" and you've got a few thousand word article for a Men's Health type magazine. PLUS, you now know that radishes are good for XYZ and the proper part of a leek to include in whatever one includes leeks. Of course, getting it published...

10-08-2007, 23:09
I'm not sure how I came to look up Anna Anderson but that could be a cool beginning/inspiration for a story.

Royal family murdered, child escapes, resurfaces as an adult to reclaim her fortune. Plenty of options for conflict, story, character, etc...

In fiction writing, truly caring about your characters might motivate you to write. Otherwise they'll be trapped in the limbo of an unfinished tale.