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10-03-2007, 23:29
Mga bossing tanong lang, pag nagpalit b ng barrel kailangan pang i register s FED? wala lang. isip ko lang kung pag nagpalit at di na kailangan i inform man lang ang FED e di pwede gamitin sa kalokohan kargada kasi magiiba ang bore at ballistics ng FA:woohoo:

10-04-2007, 00:35
kailangan paregister uli but nobody seems to do it

10-04-2007, 01:20
salamat po sa reply....

10-04-2007, 03:37
since nga the "barrel is the gun" eh di kelangan daw dapat iregister.

eh sabi naman nang iba yung ibang aftermarket walang serial numbers, eh di shempre paano ireregister diba?

nlabo noh?

as for the ballistics, oo magbabago, pero sa totoo lang, i don't know of any local case being solved by comparing rifling marks. at least not yet. i don't even think all the FED records are in a computer searchable database.

10-04-2007, 06:11
if you buy from twin pines I think they require you to have it licensed.

10-04-2007, 08:29
Originally posted by pipo
if you buy from twin pines I think they require you to have it licensed.
If you ask for receipt.

10-04-2007, 08:34
I know someone who bought an aftermarket barrel and took the barrel to FED to have it registered. When FED saw the barrel, they have no idea how to register it since there is no serial number on the barrel. So they told the guy, "sige gamitin mo na, hindi mo naman siguro gagamitin sa masama yan eh."

I wonder who thought of having the extra barrel registered?

10-04-2007, 21:07
When you buy a frame, it must be licensed/registered at FED...but if you buy a barrel, the more it must be licensed/registered and "fingerprinted" for its' barrel rifling. You can alter frame serial numbers but not rifling marks. If FED does not do this, how in the world are they going to present recovered bullets and shells as evidence during trials that this came from this gun registered to this person etc...well if it's a loose "barrel" that is another story...that's why there is amnesty...Buy a licensed 1911; change the barrel, firing pin, extractor and what have you? An untraceable loose firearm, imo