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10-05-2007, 07:44
Makapagtanong na nga po, Can you give me some feedback as to the quality of the s.a.m. 1911?? Gawa daw diyan sa ating.Compared sa Armscor ano ang palagay ninyo? At anong price range?
( Hey, Chow chow if you read this there is one sam 1911 f/s sa classified! Check it out.)
Salamat po!

10-05-2007, 12:25
kingsun, I saw it. Maganda at GI parts pa ang sabi. I was at the forum last Friday, ok ang lecture ni Mr Cotton. Out of 50 , dalawa lang kami na Asians, the other is Viet.

10-05-2007, 13:54
Salamat Chow! I checked and mukhang mas mura sa Centerfire kaya lang pag dagdag ng shipping at FFL fees ay ganoon na did. Sa Armscor/Ria na ako. I am glad you attended Cotton's seminar! Did you shot w/ them at PSC?? Balita naman..

10-05-2007, 14:20
I did not sign up for the shoot. Busy sa bahay . As for the Lethal Force Forum, the Mcdermott Case was mentioned. SO here in Texas, draw only when u intend to deliver deadly force. Other than that. it stays in the holster. Its a debate but the best part is grab a cellphone and calmly give info to dispatcher. This is very common in road rage scenarios. ANd keep an eye on the BG for any attempt to draw weapon or take a swing at you.

BTW we ended at about 10 PM.

The Armscor RIA Tactical is better I think for an all pinoy made pistol. That would be nice to have someday.

10-05-2007, 14:49
The RIA Match is one leg up the Tactical model.

10-05-2007, 16:06
General consensus has been that SAM internals are faster-wearing
than Armscor's, with the disconector, sear, and extractor mentioned
more than a few times as areas of concern.

As with almost any modern 1911-type platform, some work is required
to get even "drop-in", 3rd party parts to fit. That said SGAC seems
to be a friendlier bunch to deal with than Armscor/Squires Bingham.

One new Philippine-made 1911 whose fit and finish impressed me is
the Metro Arms 1911.* Give it a look-and-dryfire, if you ever swing
by Weapons Systems Corp.


*Haven't had the privilege of livefire testing one, but maybe one of
the BoG-dwellers here has, and can comment!