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10-08-2007, 18:56
I was willed a bottle of praline liquor. Other than pouring it over ice cream or blending it into milkshakes, what else can I use it for?

The Pontificator
10-13-2007, 19:15
Praline Russians?


those two aforementioned uses sound pretty good on their own.

10-14-2007, 20:43
Sorry but I even checked my copy of "Mr. Bostons Cordial Cooking Guide" and it didn't have any recipes for praline liquor.

If you don't want to drink it I'd use it in place of things like amaretto in recipes. Sweets and baking seem to be the natural choice as I doubt you'd want, say, "praline trout" or something like that.

Add it to pecan pie or anything with nuts--but cook off the alcohol in case some kids eat your stuff.