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10-12-2007, 15:29
Has anyone seen the FBI warning posted on the Samford website about possible gang activity this weekend?


Campus Warnings/Alerts

October 11, 2007

The following advisory was issued by the local field office of the Birmingham F.B.I. Please review the advisory and be aware of your surroundings if in the vicinity of the potential activity.

Bobby Breed
Director of Campus Safety

Local law enforcement agencies have received unspecified reports of possible gang activity occurring this weekend (October 13 14) in/around the greater Birmingham Metropolitan area. Potential locations include the vicinities of US Highway 31 in Pelham, Green Springs Highway, US Highway 11, and Airport Boulevard . Affected law enforcement agencies are aware of the reports and are working to mitigate any potential threat(s).

F.B.I. Special Agent Eric Fullman
Birmingham Field Office

10-13-2007, 00:07
I did see something about it. I'll be deep in the woods about 30 feet up a tree, so I'm not too worried.