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Alan Antopol
10-16-2007, 15:12

What do references for NJ firearms cards get asked? Do the references get called, need to write a letter, fill out a form, or is there something else required?

Thanks Alan

10-16-2007, 18:44
In my case they were mailed a letter with a form on which they needed to check off the boxes & return to the local PD. The checklist contained the typical questions asked on the app itself... Has this person been convicted of a crime? etc...

10-22-2007, 12:40
Even though I had to give references with each purchase I made in NJ they were only contacted the first time. IIRC, they were called and asked how long they knew me, if I was responsible, level-headed, sane, etc. Both references said the call only took a minute or two. Of course, that was back in about 1995 so it may be done by mail now.

11-01-2007, 12:30
The usual questions are asked. In my town they now call the references too asking the same questions you answered in the letter.:crazy: