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Gunshot wounds
10-17-2007, 23:23
Has anyone been out to this new range?I was thinking about heading out there one day,just wanted to know what its like.Are the people frindly?Have you shot on the 300 yard rifle range?What about these 3 action shooting bays they have,have you used them before?and what are action shooting bays for us novice shooters whos only been to standerd indoor ranges?If you have anything else to add that would be great.

10-18-2007, 07:16
The three action shooting bays are for IDPA and related shooting. The range has a nice pro shop and from what I've seen, the clientele and ownership are professional and curtious. The range is state of the art and they've put a lot of money into this facility. It is definitely worth checking out if you haven't already done so.

11-02-2007, 12:39 had an XD shoot out there a few weeks ago. I went and it was a blast. Nice shop, not much in it, but the guys that work there were great. The range officers didnt quite know what they were doing in terms of rules of engagement but that doesnt reflect on the range itself. They got a 300 yard range but I had to leave before I got to shoot my ar-15 on it. See if you can get some people from to do a glock shoot there and call the range to see if they can support it. Fun times!