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10-23-2007, 15:29
I need info on gun laws and any odd laws that I need to be aware of. I will be traveling there every few weeks flying into Phoenix to work in the area between Phoenix and Tuscon along I 10. What is the crime like in this area?

I want to fly with my Glock back and forth so that I might be able to carry while I am out there. I know AZ will honor my IN permit but I am unfamiliar with the laws out there. I will be in town for 2 days each time and I want to make sure I am following all of the laws. I will be doing this for 8-9 months going out there every few weeks.

Anyone ever fly into or out of Phoenix with a gun I am interested in how the experience has been for you.

Thanks for the info.

10-23-2007, 16:19
I've flown out of Sky Harbor Airport a number of times on Souhwest Airlines and have never encountered a problem.

For specific questions, you might try posting on

10-23-2007, 17:16

Call the airlines in advance and make sure that you understand their policies. Sometimes they don't...Generally it should be no big deal if you adhere to their rules. You might make a hard copy of the airline's policies, if online, and politely present it to anyone who gives you a hard time while politely requesting a supervisor. Probably will never go that way, but anything is possible with air travel these days. Take care...

10-24-2007, 16:06
Thanks for the info.

Sam Spade
10-28-2007, 18:49
I will be traveling there every few weeks flying into Phoenix to work in the area between Phoenix and Tuscon along I 10. What is the crime like in this area?
the others have done a pretty good job with your other questions. I'll tackle this one, but what do you mean "work in the area"? Are you part of the I-10 projects, or do you have a specific destination along that 120 mile stretch?

10-29-2007, 18:49
Just can fly with ammo, you can ship your pistols thru regular luggage but Ammo the ammo must be brought here.
S/F Vic

11-07-2007, 20:50
I'll be working on the railroad all the live long day.

Esterella to just south of Marana

Daryl in Az
11-08-2007, 08:01
Crime rates:

The area around Eloy/Casa Grande/Toltec Rd can be rough at night. South Phoenix can be, too. Other than that, ordinary precautions should suffice as far as I know the area.

Odd laws:

Arizona doesn't really have many odd laws concerning firearms. OC is perfectly legal (no permit required); concealed with a permit (you'll have to check for yourself as to whether Az recognises your permit). Can't carry in a bar/restaraunt that serves alcohol for consumption on the premisis. Can't carry in federal/state/city buildings, or at a 'public gathering'. A public gathering is considered an organized event (concert or such) that's either government sponsored or requires a permit. Grocery stores, or where people just happen to congregate doesn't count. Carry within 1000 feet of a school is prohibited unless you have a CCW permit, and even then you can't discharge the firearm in the 1000' area for any reason. This is about the only 'odd' law I'm aware of.

You can put a handgun in the glove box/console of your vehicle without a ccw permit as long as it's in a holster or pistol rug. Az makes no distinction for the most part between loaded and unloaded firearms. Without the holster/rug it's considered concealed, and requires a CCW permit to be there.

Should be no trouble at Sky Harbor, as long as you follow the rules of the company you fly with.


11-09-2007, 07:53
Thanks for the info

What about AZ City I think that is where we will be renting a house at for the crews to live in.

Daryl in Az
11-18-2007, 10:20
I think Arizona City is in the same general area as Toltec Road. It's along the freeway, and could be a little on the rough side. Be careful, and stay aware of your suroundings. I'd be hesitant to go out at night alone and unarmed.

I used to live in nearby Casa Grande, and while it's rough in places, I've never had much trouble. The cops in that area oft-times carry zip-ties in addition to their handcuffs, from what I've heard.

Truthfully, you most likely won't have a problem, but be careful in that area.


11-20-2007, 17:52
I will be going out again this coming Tuesday and last week I drove through AZ city about 8:30 and all seemed quite but it is almost to quiet. I am going for the week and coming back the following Tuesday I plan to fly with my pistol for the first time hope it is as easy as it sounds. I might go pickup a little cheaper pistol than my glock in case it is stolen or is lost with my luggage. Thanks for everyones help.

Daryl in Az
11-23-2007, 11:59

While what I said is true, you just never know in some areas. You will do fine, but pay attention to your surroundings.

I live in Sierra Vista, and I've never really considered it a rough town. It just isn't. Still, we had a gang battle the other night within a couple hundred yards of the hospital. Of the four 'bangers shot, one died, two were air vac'd to Tucson, and one was treated and released. This all happened in a decent, middle class neighborhood.

Which concerns me a great deal, considering I have two sisters (nurses) who were working at the hospital at the time. My mother works there too, but wasn't on duty at the time. I've lived here nearly all my life, and have never seen gang violence as bad as it is right now.

Pretty sad, really.


11-24-2007, 23:16
sorry to hear about the proximity of violence to your family. I will be flying out Tuesday and taking my pistol. I will be leaving it in a secure place so I don't have to keep flying back and foth with it. Sadly I will be carrying a uberti SAA instead of my glock due to concerns I have about leaving a $500 gun out in AZ. I am working on finding a S&W .38 snub nose but I have not found a decent used one yet. but a SAA is better than nothing. I do need a better holster for it though. Any good places to get supplies out there?

Sam Spade
11-25-2007, 14:42
I'll be working on the railroad all the live long day.

Esterella to just south of Marana

Sorry for the delay. Avoid tweekers and smugglers and you'll be fine. (You know that "just south of Marana" = "Tucson", right?) Several of the hotels/motels along I-10 between Casa Grande and NW Tucson are infamous for meth activity.

Seriously, it's not so much that you'll be in really bad areas, it's that help is going to be so far away. There have been several shootings along I-10 and robberies in rest stops, precisely because they're so isolated.

Daryl in Az
11-26-2007, 04:48
Any good places to get supplies out there?

If you get close to Tucson, there's a Sportsman's Warehouse on the NW side. Take the Orange Grove exit off I-10, go north to the first light, then make a left (Thornydale), and another left at the first light again. For a smaller shop, try Murphy's (I think it's on Country Club).

Lots of places in the Phoenix area. There's a Cabelas in Glendale (west side), and a Bass Pro in Mesa/Tempe somewhere from what I've heard. Lots of smaller shops, too.

There ought to be something in Casa Grande, but I haven't set foot in that town since 1976.


11-26-2007, 20:01
Thanks for the info.