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05-03-2002, 04:43
There must be a dozen different events, somewhere, each weekend. Please take time to start a thread letting us know about your local/regional/State events. IDPA, IPSC, SAS, etc. Post the dates, times, places, contacts, whatever.:)

Team Greenbaum
05-03-2002, 10:31
Monthly Events at Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club ( in Jacksonville, FL:

IPSC/USPSA ( 2nd Saturday of each month - Contact <a href="">Wesley Herrick</a> 904-771-7548
IDPA: 1st Saturday of each month - Contact Ed Sevetz 904-272-8484
SASS: 3rd Sunday of each month - Contact Bob Harris 904-724-7012
NRA Action Pistol: 4th Saturday of each month - Contact Mike Overbay 904-880-5219

Club home page:

Happy Shooting!

Taipei Personality
05-03-2002, 11:46
IDPA In the Environs of Raleigh NC

First and second Sundays of each month at The Range in Oxford NC. Register at 12 noon, shoot at 1 p.m.

Second Saturday of each month at Personal Defense and Handgun Safety Center in Raleigh. Register at 4 p.m., shoot at 5 p.m.

Fourth Saturday of each month at Range 1 in Bunnlevel NC. Register from 11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m., shoot at 1 p.m.

05-03-2002, 13:32
Coastal Bend Shooters
Corpus Christi, TX

IDPA 1st Sunday - Starry Range
USPSA 2nd Sunday - Starry Range
IDPA 3rd Sunday - SharpShooter (indoor)
ICORE 4th Sunday - Starry Range
3-GUN Every quarter

Everyone from novices to GM's. Full details can be found on the website;

05-05-2002, 16:09
LA, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino area in CA.

1st Saturday- USPSA -Norco / IDPA -Prado / Steel Challenge -Piru
1st Sunday- Steel Madness(all steel IPSC) -Norco
2nd Saturday- USPSA -Norco / Action Pistol -West End
3rd Saturday- USPSA -Norco / Steel Challenge -West End / IDPA -Prado
3rd Sunday- Steel Madness(all steel IPSC) -Norco / IPSC -Prado
4th Saturday- USPSA -Norco / IDPA -Piru / Three Gun -West End
4th Sunday- IPSC -West End
Wednesday Nights during the summer- IDPA -Prado
Upcoming Events: May 31- June 2 Shooting Fair -Norco / August 15-18 World Champion Steel Challenge -Piru / Sept. 7-8 GSSF -Richmond / Oct. 12-13 Springfield Armory XD Skills Challenge -Norco / Oct. 19-20 GSSF -Piru.

Norco= Mike Raahauges Shooting Park (909) 735-7981
Prado= Prado Olympic Shooting Park in Chino
West End= West End Gun Club (909) 983-3020
Piru= Piru Range

I just wrote down all this info. for my own use, so I figured I would share with all.;f

05-06-2002, 01:41
Palm Springs

1st Saturday Stock Gun(basically a IPSC Production gun match)
1st Sunday 3 gun
2nd Sunday Steel Match (all steel and lots of it)
3rd Sunday IPSC
4th Saturday Steel Challenge

Also Cowboy Action on 2nd Saturday

05-06-2002, 07:31
Great work, Guys! This is what I had in mind.:)

05-07-2002, 01:45
IDPA in Houston, TX

If you want to shoot IDPA in the Houston, TX area but don't know where to go check out the following page:

This page lists information about the half a dozen or so shooting clubs in the Houston area. Matches are available Mon-Thurs and just about every Saturday at some place or another. Some are true IDPA affiliated clubs and some are non-affiliated clubs that use IDPA rules.

Also, in Houston is the upcoming IDPA Texas Regional Championship on 05/18. The match will be hosted at a private range near Eagle Lake Texas. More information and application forms can be found at:

IPSC Glocker
05-09-2002, 14:04
Monthly IPSC Match - Detroit Area (Shelby Twp, Michigan)

3rd Sunday of every month.

Michigan State Championship Sept 14-15, 2002

Detroit Sportsmen's Congress

Visit website for directions, match photos, stage descriptions, match results, and further match info including 2002 Michigan State Championship.

05-10-2002, 00:57
Fort Bliss Rod & Gun IDPA (El Paso, TX)

Changed to:

4th Sat of the month
5th Sat if there is one is a fun match.

Setup - 0700
- 0815-0830
Safety brief - 0830-0845
Squad and gear up - 0845-0900
Hot/start time is 0900

* Note - All shooters must attend the safety brief

Location for sign-in and safety brief is bay 1B

Stages have increased from 6 to 8.

Cost for one gun is 10.00
Cost for two guns is 15.00

Good folks, good food and a great match, so come on out.


Rusty Phillips
05-10-2002, 10:52
IDPA, IPSC, SASS, hi power, bullseye, etc

Mid Carolina Rifle Club (MCRC)
located south of Columbia SC

almost every weekend there is something going on

(edited to fix link)

05-14-2002, 00:56
Hollidaysburg Consolidated Sportmans Club IDPA Shoot (Hollidaysburg, PA)

3rd Saturday of the month
First match of the season--May 18th

Regestration begins at 0830, Matches start at 0900 and end at 1700

Cost: $10.00 per gun

Shooters of all skill levels welcome!!

For more information send me an email ( or a private message.

05-14-2002, 01:25
Ark City Practical 3 Gun Club

Arkansas City, Kansas

We have monthly USPSA 3 gun matches and a monthly pistol steel shoot. The 3 gun matches are held on every 4th Saturday, and the date of the steel match varies.

Visit our website:

It has directions to the range, match dates, round counts, match results and other cool stuff.

05-15-2002, 11:07
In Orygun:
Columbia Cascade Section (
Dundee (
Oregon Steel (

05-19-2002, 05:33
Hi Danny !

I'm a member of LPSA (Louisville practical shooters association) and our website is located at

We are a USPSA sanctioned club and shoot every Tuesday night indoors and every 3rd Saturday each month outdoors.

Our indoor shoots are USPSA style and consist of only 1 stage of 24-32 rds.
We have a few GM and Master shooter members(Harry Sublett, Grady Whitelaw, Lee Leonard)

Our outdoor shoots consist of 6 stages including a classifier(approx. 150 rds.). Chuck Bradley and several other top shooters show up for this match.

Every Sunday I shoot at a different match location. They can all be viewed from the above link.

KAPS in Bardstown, Ky
Hidden Hills in New Albany, Ind.
South Central in Seymor, Ind.
Silver Creek in Sellersburg, Ind.

All are USPSA sanctioned matches.

05-19-2002, 07:16
The Genesee Conservation League in Penfield, N.Y. is having there third annual "Firecracker" Invitational July 5 and 6. There will be at least 8 stages with nearly 200 rounds and the cost is only $45.00 plus dinner if you want to stay. The information and application is on the USPSA website under Area 7 events.

05-28-2002, 09:37

Sponsored By G.A.T. Guns
14N915 RT. 25 Dundee, IL 60118
( Please don't call G.A.T for shoot info. Contact info is at the bottom of this page )

April 28-Fun Shoot

May 26*, 2002 and every 4th Sunday until November at the Skirmish Field at the Conservation Club of Kenosha County
Sign in from 8:30-9:30
Mandatory safety meeting at 9:30

$15.00-non member/ $10.00 member

Spectators welcome but must have eye and hearing protection.

*Weather permitting, call first.

This will be an ‘everymans’ cowboy action shoot. The format will be the same as a CAS shoot except for modern firearms and urban settings. There will be 4-5 stages set with participants divided into 4-5 groups. All targets will be steel reactive so there will be few breaks in the action, you either hit or miss. The tools necessary will be a double action revolver and 2 speedloaders or a semi-automatic pistol with 2 extra clips. .22 caliber IS allowed, so if the only semi-auto pistol you have is a Ruger Mark II, bring it! All ammo must be at minimum velocities and no hollow points allowed. Hard cast or lead bullets are excellent, but hard ball is OK. In addition a pump shotgun with #7-1/2 shot or smaller will be used. Total maximum ammo needed will be 100 pistol and 50 shotgun.

There will be introductory seminars available.

All guns should be ‘stock’. No major external modifications.

More info contact:

Brad: 847.459.8432


Ed: 847.322.2647

The Bristol, Wi. Shooting range is 50 mi from Chicago or 20 miles from Milwaukee, between Hwy C and Hwy 50 on County AH just west of Rt. 45 Rifle Range tel # 262.857.7200

06-03-2002, 08:03
For those of you who are looking to shoot a combat style course, HEAR YA GO !!!!!! This for beginners and advanced shooters, blended from IDPA, and other genre's, and includes a lot of help in tactics and techniques.You can look us up just outside Rochester, NY at the Genesee Conservation League in Penfield on Tuesday nights starting at 5:30. Email me for directions or questions. Thanks

06-15-2002, 01:55
The Pitcairn Monroeville Sportsmen's Club has IPSC practice shooting every Thursday evening from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, the cost is $5. It is located about 45 minutes to an hour East of Pittsburgh, PA on Route 48. There is a calendar of events on their website. Here is their information:

Pitcairn Monroeville Sportmen's Club
505 Mosside Boulevard
North Versailles, PA
(412) 824 3790

06-30-2002, 02:26
Recently I became a member of the Arlington Recreation and Shooting Range in Arlington WAshington. I have been helping with some ideas on running their "fun-shoots". They are a fairly new range and don't really have IPSC and IDPA following yet so we are just doing a little runnin' and gunnin' for now. Some steel plate stuff as well. I'm trying to set up some duplicates of the GSSF match type stuff eventually.

If anyone is interested the shoots are as follows.

Every SATURDAY at 1:00 PM and they give trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Every WEDNESDAY at 6:30 PM Haven't really set up prizes for this one yet.

Saturday is a fun-shoot, Wednesday is more of a IDPA defensive shoot. Every is welcome. Just need a gun 3mags and some ammo. The cost is $10 or $15 depending.

The number is 360-474-0880

I do not work for this range and am recieving no compensation for this. I just want to make sure that they stay around and I love doing these kind of informal shoots. The turn outs are pretty light and it would sure be a lot more fun with a few more people. Lot's of Glocks there too!


Arlington WA

07-02-2002, 02:02
The Henry County Gun Club is hosting the 2002 KY-TN Regional IDPA Championship on 13-14 September 2002 at the club's facility in Puryear, TN, approximately 10 miles north of Paris, TN.

This will be one the last sanctioned "tune-up" opportunities for shooters in the mid-South area who plan to attend the 2002 IDPA Nationals.

Full information, including contacts, match hotel data, and a match application can be found at in the bulletin board section. The match is open to the first 100 shooters to get in their applications and fees. We have 12 stages for a total CoF of around 140 rounds.

Information regarding all the club's other shooting activities can also be found on our website.

We're looking forward to meeting in person a lot of our fellow GTers.

Terry Riley

07-15-2002, 20:58
Ellisville MS.
1ST SUNDAY; Monthly USPSA match. Safety meeting 1pm, start time 1:30pm
3rd Sunday; Shooters choice match.9decided during 1st Sun. match) IDPA, Action Pistol. .22 rimfire 2-gun or other.

South Ms Practical Shooters Assoc.
Poplarville MS.
2nd SUNDAY; USPSA Match plus either a Rifle,shotgun or revolver match for 2nd match. Start time 9am
3rd SATURDAY NIGHT; Night match with handgun/rifle or handgun/shotgun

07-19-2002, 13:12
<h2>Black Hawk Pistol Club</h2>

We are a USPSA club that meets the second Sunday of every month. We set up at 9am and start shooting at 10am and go until everyone has finished shooting. First time shooters shoot for $3 and from there on out it is $18 for non members and $15 for members. I have been working on our web site now for a couple of months. Check out the pics and video links.

<a href="">Blawk Hawk Pistol Club</a>

08-08-2002, 20:27
We have an IDPA match in Titusville, FL the 3d Sunday of every month at the Titusville Rifle and Pistol Club range on Route 46 in Mims ( just north of Titusville 4 miles from I95). Everyone is welcome, including first time shooters. We are IDPA affiliated. We are presently running 6 competition set-ups with a moving target stage. If you would like directions or additional information, feel free to email me at

The phone number for the range is 321-268-1312. The web site link is:

We also host monthly IPSC, Cowboy, NRA 3 gun, rifle and shotgun competitions.

08-09-2002, 22:54

08-10-2002, 19:35
North Mountain Practical Shooters

NMPS shoots USPSA on the 4th Sunday near Strasburg, VA. If you want to shoot, E-mail me at, also look at the NMPS ( web page.

08-26-2002, 12:17
We have IDPA matches montly, usally on second Sunday Starting at noon.

08-28-2002, 10:11
Albany Rifle & Pistol Club ( , and NASS ( host a 6 stage 3 Gun Match on Saturday, August 31, 2002.

6 Stages
2 Pistol
2 Shotgun
1 Rifle
1 Shotgun/Pistol

Ammo requirements (minimum):
Pistol: 75 rds
Shotgun: 50 rds (#4 or smaller, no steel shot)
Rifle: 30 rds (any caliber)

Man on Man Shotgun Challenge at end of match. Double elimination, 6 rds per challenge.

Entry fee $15
Registration begins at 8AM, shooting starts at 9AM.

Information contact:
Mike McCarter 503-391-1712 or

Awards for Open/Limited - Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun
Top - Lady, Law, Junior, Senior

Also, the club ipsc site is here: ARPC-IPSC (

Steve Broom
08-30-2002, 13:17
Wichita IDPA in Wichita, Kansas will be hosting the 2002 Kansas IDPA Challenge on September 21st and 22nd. We planned this to be a warm up for the '02 Nationals and that is precisely what it will be. We have at least 10 championship level stages planned with lunch both days and awards 3 deep. Check our site at for details and application. See you at the range !!

Steve Broom
Match Director

Bryan Whited
08-30-2002, 13:36
Palmetto Gun Club!

Is Zollie still out there?

09-09-2002, 22:40
Muscleman 3 Gun Team Match

Dates: October 3rd-6th

Set in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas, this is one of the most unique 3 gun matches in the world. Each team is composed of 2 shooters, one of which handles the shotguning and the other handles the rifle responsibilities. Both shooters carry pistols. The team engages a variety of pistol, shotgun and rifle targets over a 1.5 mile long course. The rifle targets range from 300-600 yards. There is a par time of 20-30 minutes. Under 20 earns points, over 30 earns penalty points.

This shoot benefits MDA, and has a nice prize table to boot. :)

For more information go to: Muscleman 3 Gun Team Match (

Taipei Personality
10-02-2002, 18:24
A couple of updates from my post on page 1:

1. Range 1 is no longer IDPA sanctioned, but is still holding defensive (IDPA style) and tactical (IPSC style) matches at the same date and time.

2. The Coharie Shooting Range in Clinton, NC will host their first IDPA match on Saturday, October 5, with registration at 9:30 and match start at 10:00. Details and directions may be found at

11-04-2002, 22:19

We shoot IPSC the first Sunday of the month, and IDPA the last Sunday of the month. Our webpage is

Come check us out!

11-04-2002, 22:33
Brunswick, GA - Coastal GA Gun Club
Club web site -

1st Saturday - SASS Cowboy Action
3rd Saturday - NRA Smallbore Rifle Silhouette
4th Saturday - IDPA

11-08-2002, 00:31
Green Mountain Practical Shooters (GMPS)
USPSA/IPSC in Vermont

GMPS is a USPSA ( affiliated practical shooting organization which runs monthly IPSC ( matches in the northern Green Mountain area of Vermont. These outdoor matches are held at the Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club ( in Morrisville, Vermont.

Matches range in size from 4 stages to the 6+ stage annual CANAM (Canadian/American) match. Frequent side events including rifle, shotgun and steel matches are held in conjunction with the monthly outdoor matches. Each match features at least one USPSA classifier stage. Shooters may elect to shoot in the Open (highly modified) Division, Limited Division (modified stock guns - no compensators, optical sights, etc.), Limited 10 Division (similar to Limited but mags are limited to maximum of 10 rounds), Production Division (basically box stock double action semi-auto pistols) or Revolver Division. There are special awards each month for Top Law Enforcement, Top Senior, Top Junior, and Top Female. Using a class structure, everyone competes with others of a similar skill level. Novice shooters compete with other novices, etc.

Our matches are medium in size (normally 40-45 shooters per match) which results in a friendly atmosphere. Many people participate for the camaraderie alone!

Navy joe
12-02-2002, 17:40
My home club Blackwater in Moyock, NC shoots the 4th Sunday of the month at 9am. Taking December off, not sure about Jan. The website will have the latest and greatest.

Other clubs in the area:

Sir Walter in Creedmoor, NC. Great club, shooting this weekend on Saturday. A most useful page, I personally always try to be at Black Creek, Fredricksburg is great too.

12-02-2002, 18:00
For any of you gentlemen in the Kentuckiana area (Kentucky/Indiana), our club, Louisville Practical Shooters, will be having our last USPSA shoot Dec. 14th at the Hidden Hills F.O.P. in New Albany, Indiana.

We will have a special classifier match and a rifle side match afterwards. The pistol match will consist of 4 classifiers.
We start shooting at 10:00 am. Refreshments and snacks are always served at our shoots and are free with match fee.

Love to see you guys out there! If you need directions, feel free to contact me at or visit our website at

01-08-2003, 16:38
Defensive Pistol Schedule:

Apr 05
May 10
Jun 07
Jul 12
Aug 02
Sep 06
Oct 04

Please go to and check out the upcoming events.

01-09-2003, 07:49
Albany Rifle & Pistol Club will be hosting an all classifier match this Saturday, January 11, 2003 at 9AM.

Match fees: $15 plus $5 for each additional division.

More information is available at:

01-16-2003, 13:39
February 22 & 23, 2003 ~ 10 Stages ~ Match Fee $55.00
Get an application form at

It will be 5 stages in the dark and 5 stages with the lights on!

Bob Hundley

01-30-2003, 09:35
Announcing the 2003 Polar Bear Match!

An IDPA Event at Nashua Fish and Game, Merrimack NH
Saturday, February 1, 2003
Registration: 9:30 am to 11:00 am
Match starts at 10:00 am

Cost: $20.00 Handgun / $15.00 Rifle
Practical Rifle and Handgun Match
Bring your own lunch and beverages along with:

Handgun, with a holster that covers the trigger, spare Magazines.
Eye and Ear protection, Brimmed cap.
Warm Clothes/Boots
Rifle (with detachable mags, - AR type is suggested, Sling or Case) Rentals available
Ammunition - No Armor Piercing!
Sense of humor (Mandatory)

And all of the other items you'd usually being to an IDPA Match

Gregg Doppstadt at (603) 880-3507 or

01-31-2003, 20:05
We shoot IDPA matches every 2nd Sunday of the month in Oxford Oh.
March thru Nov. This is real close to eastern Indiana for my fellow hoosiers. Details can be had thru the IDPA website or contact me.

On the 3rd Sunday of the month we shoot IDPA in Wilmington Oh.Apr thru ?

On the second Saturday of the month we shoot 3 gun matches in Wilmington Oh. Year round . This match is run pretty close to IDPA rules and is a lot of fun.

Details on the Wilmington matches can be had at

Melissa Ann
02-12-2003, 15:58
Double Action Range in Yeadon, PA (the Philly area) hosts IDPA matches on the
4th Monday of every month, 5-8pm.

:) It’s a shotgun start, so come anytime between 5 and 8PM to register and shoot the match.
:) Match fee is $15.00.
:) It's an indoor range, so the weather shouldn't keep you from joining us.
:) Due to a range insurance requirement, we ask that you please use Factory Ammo Only (purchased either at the range, or elsewhere). --- You’ll need about 50-100 rounds.
:) For directions, the club’s web page is:
:) If you have other questions, email the match director at

04-21-2003, 21:51
May 17-18, 2003

Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, Florida

* 14 great stages

* 250+ rounds

* Plus A Shoot-off & Side Matches

* Vendors with lots of toys


* 9 GUNS on the table!
* 11 Training Classes!

Presented by
Storm Mountain
Cumberland Tactics
XS Sight Systems
Gun Doc
Walther Arms
Cavalry Arms
Dick Divittorio Custom Guns
OPS Training Schools
Practi-Cal Holsters
The Ear Lady
Checkmate Gun Refinishing
Robar Custom Refinishing
Haffner Shooting Bags
Cummings Custom Finishing
Blackhawk Industries
Cylinder & Slide
Heine Products
European American Arms
AllSport Bug Repellent
!!!!!!!!!!!!APPROX. $15,000+!!!!!!!!

04-27-2003, 15:53
Big Run Gun Club in Cutler Ohio's practical day events are as follows:
May 11
June 8
July 13
August 10
September 14

The start at 9:30am and end around 2pm.

Lots of fun and challenging combat style stages.

04-30-2003, 09:57
Tactical 3 Gun Match
Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club in Orlando has a Tac3Gun match on the Third Saturday of each month.
The next match is May 17th. and they start at 9:00am.

Chris in TN
05-13-2003, 09:57
In East TN...

Oak Ridge/Knoxville ORSA IPSC (

Greenville Tac2 (

06-03-2003, 10:29
June 14, 2003 at Albany Rifle & Pistol Club.

7 stages, 166rds

Single-stack guns compete for Plaques.
All other guns must follow Limited 10 rules and compete for Ribbons.

Each competitor gets a raffle ticket for our gun giveaway.

This year we are giving away a Springfield Trophy Match in .45 ACP.

For more information, please check

06-03-2003, 10:32
Saturday, June 21, 2003 at Albany Rifle & Pistol Club in Albany, OR.

5 Steel Challenge stages
Machinegun fun shoot ($5 a mag)
Weakest Link 3-man shoot off

Lunch provided.

Huge prize table (everyone gets a raffle coupon which are drawn to determine the order you go to the prize table).

For more information, check:

07-06-2003, 19:18

07-26-2003, 13:30
Big Brothers Big Sisters – IDPA Fundraiser
2 Aug 03 Fernan, ID
Joel Fox — Match Director
Jim Youngman — Asst. M.D.

Match date / time: 2 Aug 2003 / 0900
Match location: Fernan Rod & Gun Club, Coeur d’Alene, ID
Match fee: $20.00 (100% of the match fee will be donated to Big Brothers/Big Sisters)
Match description: Minimum of 5 challenging stages, designed to provide realistic threats and courses of action.
Prizes: We are working on a limited prize table. Since this is IDPA format, prizewinners will be drawn from the shooters/volunteers.

To pre-register, complete the following information and email to



Phone: ( )___________________



Divisions: Circle the appropriate categories Master
Stock Service Pistol (SSP) Expert
Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP) Sharpshooter
Stock Service Revolver (SSR) Marksman
Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP) Novice

For IDPA match rules, visit:

For range information visit:

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to help with setup and /or teardown, please email the match director, Joel Fox, at or call at 509-244-2153

09-15-2003, 10:22
Web Site for Roanoke Rifle & Revolver Club in SW Virginia is

09-16-2003, 05:42
Check the link below for Shooting Information in Mid and Southern Michigan.

USPSA - 3 Gun and Bowling Pin Events around the area.

Bills' Stats Michigan 2004 and before (

;a enjoy :)

2004 - PF - 5 Pin League Over

We are out doors now -

Snow is Gone - Canoe required due too Rain end of May...

check link above...

01-19-2004, 14:17
Third Sundays at Pueblo is IPSC Rifle and Shotgun. Two stages of rifle and two shotgun. 100 rounds of rifle, expect shots out to 300 with an occasional shot out to 425. 75 rounds of birdshot, and 10 each 00 buck and slug.

Second Sundays at Pueblo is IPSC pistol. Six stages requiring about 150 rounds.

Fourth Sundays as you know is IDPA. Six stages and 100 rounds.

All matches at Pueblo start at 10:00.

New shooter safety classes are offered second Sundays at 8:00 and they are free along with your first match.

01-29-2004, 18:09

The second Sunday of every month we have an IPSC match. Sign up starts at 0900.

We also have Monday night indoor matches every Monday night. Sign up @1700 until 2000.

Contact me by email: for questions.

02-20-2004, 14:31
Located in Lake Worth,FL, Palm Beach County. They just added Steel Pin match every Thursday @ 7pm.

Palm Beach County, Florida events. (

02-25-2004, 11:47
Mid Indiana IDPA matches
Below is a match schedule for Wildcat Valley IDPA matches outside of Lafayette, IN. PM me for more info.

All matches will start setup around 7:30AM
Please come out and help set up.
Shooters meeting at nine with hammer down at 9:30. We have another range this year so we are planning on 6 COF's per match.
$10 entry fee.

Mar 27
Apr 10 Classifier
May 8
June 12
June 26 BUG match
July 10
Aug 14
Sept 11 State Championship
Oct 9 5 stages
Oct 23 BUG match
Nov 13

03-07-2004, 21:51
Echo Valley Pistol League ,Dexter Kansas 2004 IDPA Match Schedule can be viewed at Check out our March Newsletter for information on our annual Day/Night Match to be held March 20,2004. We also will be holding our "glock-style" match for the fourth year in August. Give our web site a view. You can PM or email me if you have any questions.:cool:

04-02-2004, 12:00
USPSA Matches 2nd Saturday each month rain or shine.

4th Annual ABC House Benefit Match
Saturday, June 19, 2004
Steel Challenge type match with machinegun fun shoot for charity. Great prize table, lunch included. Last year we raised $7500 for the ABC House. For more information,

8th Annual Oregon Single-Stack Championship (USPSA)
Saturday, July 10, 2004
7 stages (including a run & gun classifier)
We will be raffling off 3 Springfield Armory Stainless GI .45s at the conclusion of the match. Each entry receives a raffle ticket, you must be present to win. Match is limited to the first 100 shooters.

05-09-2004, 08:28
A friend gave me a flyer for the pistol division of the blue grass sportsmens league in wilmore ky.
they are having a NON-gssf glock only shooting match. This will be my first match ever. Can anyone give me some info on this?? What type of ammo, ie. 165g fmj/180g fmj, ect. Thanks in advance :)

05-23-2004, 10:56

3-gun matches are held regularly by Austin Lone Star Practical Pistol Club (ALSPPC)and Copperas Cove Pistol Club (CCPC).

CCPC's new web site is:

Also a few other TX events/classes at:

05-23-2004, 19:44
For those of you who need a place to learn defensive pistolcraft.......Rochester Defensive Pistol Associates hosts a concealed carry match at the Genesee Conservation League in Penfield, NY (5 minutes East of Rochester) every Tuesday Evening starting at 5:00 pm. This course is scenario based with real life situations and actions. All that you would need to bring would be eye/ear protection, carry firearm, 50 to 100 rds of ammo, a secure holster, and the desire to learn some good skills and use them. Contact RDPA at 585-749-7650 or email at

06-29-2004, 07:22
IDPA style match Wednesday, July 7 in Wood bridge, Virginia (just off Rt. 95). Check out for detailed directions, and sign up information. New shooters welcome! There is also a beginners course/ into to IDPA and USPSA shooting beginning in July. Regards, C. (aka Douglas Johnson TY 44934).

06-29-2004, 10:03
Here are a few in Southern California

1st Saturday - Prado Pistol
1st Sunday - San Diego Tactical Shooters IDPA
2nd Saturday - Reservation Shooting Club IPSC
3rd Saturday - Prado IDPA
3rd Saturday - On Target fun match
4th Saturday - San Diego Tactical Shooters IDPA
Last Sunday - Oceanside Pistol League IDPA

Prado Pistol -
San Diego Tactical Shooters -
Reservation Shooting Club -
On Target -
Oceanside Pistol League -

07-08-2004, 09:39
IDPA - Tri State OH, WV, PA
IDPA Shoot 2nd Sunday of the month OH,WV,PA
Steel Plate Shoot 2/19/05, 3/19/05, 4/30/05, 5/28/05
Three Gun Matches also being scheduled

Please e-mail for additonal dates or information

Hello all,

Just wanted to advise anyone in the Pittsburgh, Weirton, Steubenville area of a newly formd IDPA shoot.

60 Min from Pittsburgh
15 Min from Weirton
10 Min from Steubenville
20 Min from Wheeling

Where: S.T.A.R.T Training Facility
Time: Registration starts at 9:00 AM

Web Site

Click on the "PUBLIC" bullet once you have entered.

We will be starting with a four bay shoot and expanding in the very near future.

I hope this sparks some interest

08-24-2004, 18:02

The Cedar Rapids Area Practical Shooter match is the 3rd sunday of the month, rain, shine, or snow.The match begins at 9am and registration closes at 2pm. First time shooter are free, it's only $12 after that, and reshoot are $1 pre stage. Contact me if you are interested and I'll get you directions. Jon

10-13-2004, 12:46
Check HERE ( for announcements of matches and competitions held in Indiana and nearby locations.

11-22-2004, 23:08
IDPA: Every second Saturday at 9 a.m. and third Sunday at 1:30 p.m. $10 range fee.

High Power Rifle: Every first Saturday at 9 a.m. April through November. Followed by Benchrest 22 rifle. $5 range fee.

Silhouette Pistol: Second Sunday at 2 p.m. $5 range fee. April through November.

Silhouette small bore rifle: Fourth Sunday at 2 p.m. $5 range fee. April through November.

01-05-2005, 09:00
2005 IDPA Coastal Bend Challenge

IDPA Sanctioned Match hosted by Coastal Bend Shooters

Sunday, February 20, 2005
Starry Range, Corpus Christi, Texas, 78414

Trophy Match - 8 Stages – 162 Rounds

Match Fee = $40.00; After January 20, 2004 = $50.00

More info and the entry form can be found at;

02-01-2005, 13:09
For anyone who is interested, we will start club level tactical 3-gun matches at Heritage Rifle & Pistol Club (near Birmingham) this spring. Details, schedule and rules at

Click on the links for details, directions, etc.

03-07-2005, 09:31
I just posted some of our Indiana matches in the Indiana Clubhouse:

Indiana Competition Announcements (

Patrick Graham
03-10-2005, 05:44
Here's the 2005 CMP schedule for the Deer Creek Conservation Club (Between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne).

The Hi-Power matches start at 10 am and the Rimfire matches will be held afterwards if time permits.

May 15th, June 19th, Aug 21st, Sept 18th, Oct 16th.

These matches are geared towards the beginning Hi-Power shooter. If you’d like to start shooting Hi-Power this is the place.

For more information contact

04-07-2005, 11:04
My April 2005 updates are now posted to the Indiana Competition Announcements (

Patrick Graham
04-27-2005, 16:37
Deer Creek Conservation Club, Jonesboro Indiana will have a Run and Gun shooting match May 1st.

This is an "Open to the Public" match.

This match is for pistol caliber carbines and 22lr, like Ruger 10/22.

And it will have a shotgun stage.. so bring 25 rounds of shot.

Setup is at 8am, sign up is at 9am and shooting starts at 10am.

Run and gun is kind of like IPSC with carbines.

Here's how to get there:



05-19-2005, 08:29
Defensive Shooting Managemet runs CCW style Matches every 4th Saturday, Cowboy Action every 2nd Saturday and hosts
Chuck Taylor's 2-3 day weekend ASAA Seminars twice per outdoor Season:

Chuck Taylor Tactical Pistol Seminar: June 18-19th.

Chuck Taylor 3-day Special Handgun Combat Master Course: August 5-7th.

05-26-2005, 18:04
For some June events in central Indiana:

Indiana Competition Announcements (

06-13-2005, 22:50
Central Alabama Gun Club in Montgomery, AL

USPSA matches on the 1st Sunday, 10:00 am
IDPA matches on the 3rd Saturday, 10:00 am

For more info, please visit

06-15-2005, 09:57
USPSA Special Classifier Match
Terre Haute, IN
19 June, 2005

Match Info (

07-07-2005, 08:55
5 IDPA Stages
Shooters meeting at 8:45 AM
Match starts at 9:00 AM

5 minutes from Bradley Int'l Airport.
Site of 2005 CT IDPA State Championship.

11-14-2005, 16:28
Click on Calendar link (

02-02-2006, 14:43
We are holding monthly TSA matches at the Tactical Shooting Academy Home Range in Surry, VA.

The latest TSA Rule Book is posted here:

02-03-2006, 19:36
WVPPS is hosting an NROI Level I Range Officer Seminar 25-26 March, 2006. Location is the Riley Conservation Club near Terre Haute, Indiana. The instructor is Jay Worden.

For more information, contact: David Ball

For directions to the club, go to our web site: WVPPS (

02-11-2006, 06:25
Any events in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area?

Steve Koski
04-08-2006, 22:41
Looks like the info on the Idaho 2006 IDPA state match has been posted:

04-09-2006, 07:04
Here's an update from Rochester, NY about our match EVERY TUESDAY:

Our Tuesday night concealed carry shoot has grown bigger. We have seen a huge influx of shooters so we are now moving the squad times to 5:15, 6:30, and 7:45. This allows us to run a larger squad, and allow you to have 15 minutes more of fun!

This shoot has quickly become the largest drawing match in the area (50+ shooters a week!) so we must be doing something right! Come out and try it. We use the cardboard targets AND the photo-realistic ones too. Every scenario is unique and will both test the knowledge you have as well as teach you something new.

Here's how you find us: We are just to the East of Rochester, off of Old Penfield Rd. The address is 1570 Old Penfield Rd, Penfield, NY 14625. For any questions, please email us at:

10-01-2006, 13:06
The USPSA-style "Glock Match" at the Silver Creek Conservation Club in southern Indiana is scheduled for 07-08 October, 2006.

Details for the match are available at the Silver Creek web site (

The match entry form is attached to this message.

10-17-2006, 20:12
Idpa Ohio
Please note, the old Fireing Line in Canal Fulton Ohio is open under new mangament. We will be shooting IDPA shoots twice a month and some other types of shooting will be starting. We shoot Indoors where it's warm for all your winter shooting.

Please contact me for more information

Thanks, Brad


12-22-2006, 14:16
Memphis Tennessee

IDPA "Fun" Match Every Tuesday Night 6:00p-8:45p (come early to set up)

2770 Whitten Road
Memphis, Tennessee

IDPA "Fun" Match Every Friday Night (6:00p)

2611 South Mendenhall
Memphis, Tennessee

IDPA "Fun" Match Every Friday Night March-October (4:30p - till dusk)
Weather Permitting

DeSoto Rifle & Pistol Club
Dairy Farm Road, South of Holly Springs Road

IDPA "Fun" Match - 1st Saturday Morning - March-October (9:00a - 'til)
Weather Permitting

DeSoto Rifle & Pistol Club
Dairy Farm Road, South of Holly Springs Road

IDPA "Fun" Match - 2nd & 4th Saturday Morning (8:00a - 'til)
Weather Permitting

Memphis Sport Shooting Shooting Ass'n
9428 Old Brownsville Rd., Arlington, TN 38002

02-07-2007, 21:32
Don't forget to mention that is a sanctioned IDPA Championship Match. It is being hosted by the former IDPA Area Coordinator MYRIN YOUNG. It will be a outstanding match!!

03-16-2007, 11:14
NOTICE: 2007 USPSA INDIANA SECTION MATCH & STATE CHAMPIONSHIP ( has been moved to the Atlanta Conservation Club.

The host club (Wabash Valley Practical Pistol Shooters) for the 2007 Indiana Section Championship was notified last week that the land surrounding and partially encompassing our shooting range will be placed on the market for sale. This creates a great deal of uncertainty as to the status of our range for our match in June. Therefore, the match will be moved to the Atlanta Conservation Club in Atlanta, Indiana, site of both the 2004 and 2005 section championships. We are grateful to our friends at ACC for their willingness to accomodate the match. For further information regarding this unpleasant situation, go to

Besides the change of location, the move will cause two other changes. First, in order to be in compliance with ACC's agreement with neighboring homes, a slight adjustment in squad times has been made. Second, we will be able to add an additional stage! The original eight stages have been approved by NROI. We will submit the additional stage in the next day or two and will publish the match stages shortly thereafter.

All competitors who have submitted applications for the match will have the opportunity to withdraw from the match and receive a full refund if the change of location adversely affects their ability to attend the match. Since the new location is just two hours from the original location, we hope this will not be the case.

The change has caused the organizational team to retrace our steps in planning the match. We are working on identifying a new match hotel in the Atlanta area. We will post notification here when that process is complete.

Updated information can be found at our match website:

05-21-2007, 12:02

This is a great club and that hosts IDPA and many other tournaments.

Check the calendar for times and dates, show up!

08-28-2007, 07:21
Here are some match dates for 2007 Tactical Shooting Association (TSA)in Surry County Virginia:

Oct. 13 & 14 SGN Warmup Match (Note: You can shoot one or both days).

Oct 18-21 The "Street Gun Nationals" Championships! (Note: 11 stages, all can be shot in one day. You can shoot in up to (2) Gun Divisions (one per day).

Matches are held at the Tactical Shooting Academy Home Range. For more information visit

B Coyote
12-25-2007, 01:18
Starting in March of 08:

IDPA comes to Michigan City Rifle Club! for more info.


01-13-2008, 19:22
This year's Regional will be held March 29th at Memphis Sport Shooting Association near Memphis, TN. 13 stages, 13 bays, 200 rds, great facility with camping available and hotels nearby. Prize table includes 2 Glocks and lots more. Col. Jim Shearin of Nationals fame will run the chrono and scale. T-shirt included with entry. Lunch available, prizes and awards at the covered Sporting Clays Pavilion.
We had a great turnout last year. If you were there you know the facility is excellent!
See the link on the IDPA web site or contact me directly,
Hope you can make it!!

05-03-2008, 09:14
Starting on 07 May there will be weekly Steel Challenge matches in Pueblo Colorado.

Show up anytime between 4:00 and 6:30 and we will get you shooting.

Bring 100-ish rounds and plan on spending 30-45 minutes to shoot the match.

PM me here or email me direct for more details.

06-18-2008, 13:43
Come out and play every Monday night.

Setup 6:30 pm
Shoot at 7:30 pm

$15.00 entry fee

info at

07-28-2008, 16:36
Sorry but Police Only

Cleveland Police Department
Pistol Match
Friday, September 26, 2008
1700 ‐ 2100hrs. Numerous Vendors will be present allowing you the opportunity to see, touch & shoot the new products available to Law Enforcement.
BBQ Dinner with Refreshments available at no cost to the competitors. Please e‐mail me if you’re attending the BBQ Dinner.
Saturday, September 27, 2008
0800hrs Registration / Course of Fire & Scoring explained
Pistol Match – 2‐Man Teams
Teams must be formed with members of the same agency. Single entries are welcome and will be drawn randomly the day of the match into a 2‐Man Team.
Equipment: Duty Pistol, (3) magazines, Duty Belt or Off‐Duty holster may be worn. Competitors must have a Magazine Pouch capable of holding (2) spare magazines. Competitors using 1911’s must have (3) ten round magazines.
Pistol Ammunition – 200 Rounds
Entry Fees ‐ $35 for 2 man entry / $20 for single entry / cash only please
1st Place Team – 2 Glock Pistols / An additional 2 Glock Pistols will also be up for grabs as well as multiple door prizes.
P.O. Russ Lyons #1725
Cleveland Police Department/Ordnance Unit

08-09-2008, 15:30
Langhorne Road and Gun Club is proud to host its first 3 gun match, which will feature challenging courses of fire in pistol, shotgun, and rifle/carbine. It's a benefit match for the club, and for the action shooting sports enjoyed by all.
To enter, please visit our website, Langhorne Rod and Gun Club to download, print, and return entry to the address indicated on the form. We will post a list periodically of those successfully registered. There is a 75 shooter cap on the match.

The Langhorne Rod and Gun Club is located at 215 Stoney Ford Road, Northampton, PA. This link shows the location of the club:
Shooters are required to report to the clubhouse at 0815 for match briefing, with first shots at 9am. The clubhouse is immediately visible ahead as you pull in the front gate.
Langhorne Rod and Gun Club

09-08-2008, 05:28

Super Hans
10-11-2008, 20:56
<CENTER>Schedule of Events
</CENTER><CENTER><?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p></o:p></CENTER><CENTER>We will Shoot the Second and Fourth Thursday of Every Month
at the Kaw Valley Gun Club (, Topeka KS
5:30 p.m. New Shooter Class, Match Shooting 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Match Fee $15.00, $10.00 for Double Tap Members

Match Fees cover all Lane Fees and Range Expenses

Double Tap Defensive Shooting ClubTopeka, KS


great bunch of guys, I've enjoyed this Club a lot

01-15-2009, 01:28
The Cedar Rapids Area Practical Shooters(CRAPS) are looking for new members in the NE Iowa area. We are a USPSA affiliated club that has been in operation for 28 years. We meet the third Sunday of the month from April until November. If you have never tried competition shooting, this is a great place to learn from experienced shooters and have a great time. If you have shot before this is a great place to hone your skills and meet other shooting sports enthusiasts.

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a PM or check out . <!--IBF.ATTACHMENT_72502-->

MD CBC 2009
01-19-2009, 03:12
The 2009 Coastal Bend Challenge match will be held on April 5th in Corpus Christi, Texas. Application and details are available at: (

02-25-2009, 13:18
Greater Louisville Independent Practical shooting club
Thursday night shooting match

Do you like to shoot handguns? Do you have a gun that you carry and would like to get better with it? You can get better and have fun doing it at our matches. The match that we have every Thursday evening will be geared to practical shooting either fundamental shooting or fun matches with props and Once a month a match that will let 6 shot revolver shooter compete with six shot strings. Most will be 8 shot string matches that will let most autoloaders compete with the high cap guns.
Our matches are conducted by NROI certified Range officers and they will require you to practice safe gun handling. If you are new show up a little early and tell one of the match crew that you are new to this type of shooting and we will help with getting you started.

What you will need to compete, a gun preferably 9mm and up in caliber. No Magnums per the range rules, 3 magazines or speed loaders, a belt holster that fits your gun and you should have a magazine holder or speed loader case. No shoulder holsters at the matches. You will also need ear and eye protection and around 25 rounds of ammo that fits your gun of choice.

Where we shoot? We shoot at Bluegrass Indoor range
4402 Kiln Court Louisville, KY 40218, Phone number 502-451-9088 Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm, call ahead if the weather is bad to see if the match will be canceled or the range is closed.

Other info, you should be familiar with the gun you are going to shoot in the match to keep things moving but if you need help with that the staff at the range can help you to get up to speed just call the number above for that but I will promise that if you shoot with us for a few matches you will learn to draw from a holster, Reload the gun under time and Learn to engage multiple targets. Match fee is $10.00 and that covers targets, pasters, and other props and expendables and the fee the range charges us to shoot.

Scores will be posted at in the Bluegrass glockers section of the clubhouse. All our matches are geared to beginners but even old hands will be challenged with our draw and fire matches that will require reloads and engaging multiple targets.

If you have any questions e-mail me

04-28-2009, 21:39
Bigfork Defensive Pistol
Bigfork, MT

We shoot the 2d Saturday of the month, March through October.

IDPA rules apply.

We often run 3-gun stages.

Go to our website for details and contact info. I no longer run the matches, but you can PM/email me with any questions.


04-28-2009, 21:48
Montgomery County Shooting Complex

talked to them this weekend and they are more than willing to host any type of IDPA or IPSC stuff, maybe just a small group competition.

if anyone local is interested in starting anything up, let me know. id love to take advantage of their facility.

04-28-2009, 23:04
Langhorne Rod & Gun Club

Only Hits Count Action Pistol Match

Saturday, May 2 , 2009

Set up at 08:00

Hammer down at 09:00

There will be a side match

$ 1.00 to enter; winner gets 50%.

04-28-2009, 23:07
Langhorne Rod & Gun Club
Team Precision Rifle Match
Saturday - May 9, 2009

Our goal is to pair teams up in a fashion that leaves us with an experienced shooter along with a newer one. For this reason, we are asking that if you are an experienced shooter, consider taking on someone a bit newer.

If you've served, competed in precision or practical several times before, or have instructed others in rifle craft, consider yourself experienced for this purpose, and help out a newer shooter. Chances are someone did this for you, so pass it forward guys.

Here are some general notes on the match:

· Open to members ($10) and non-members ($20). LE or US MIL get the member price. Bolt action or semi-auto, .223 up to .338LM.

· 45 rounds of match grade ammo. No pistol required. Shots are at MOA down to .5 MOA targets up to 200Y. An M4 with a hunting scope on it is not going to cut it, and if you are not prepared with the right equipment, we cannot team you up with someone who came prepared. Your scope must be capable of dialing windage and elevation.

· A sling is HIGHLY recommended. There will be shooting from positions other than bipod/ruck.

· Ranges are going to be from 100 to 200 yards.

· Equipment list:

o ZEROED Scoped Centerfire rifle with sling (no quarter for non-zeroed rifles)

o Field grade shooting platform (precision). This means bipod & rear bag, or rucksack & rear bag. No bags in front support.

o Standard range safety gear (chamber flag, eye/hearing protectors)

o Note/Databook, pen/pencil.

o Binoculars

o Spotting scope

o Calculator

o Match fee: $10 LRGC members, $20 non-members.

o Hydration, nourishment.

LRGC Team Precision rifle match, 5/9/09 9am

« on: April 20, 2009, 10:28:14 PM »


Details here:

We've run a team precision match before, but now we're going to score it like one. You can register as a single shooter and we'll pair you up based on skill level. We're endeavoring to have a more experiened shooter with a newer one. Registration is required, and available at the bottom of the page link posted.

Lots of fun and challenging stages that exercise your shooting skills, communication effectiveness, and ability to think and shoot under pressure.


04-28-2009, 23:10
LRGC Practical Rifle

2nd ANNUAL Ladies Day

30 May 2009 - 9am to 3pm

Come out and support your husband/partner or make new friends, support the

shooting sports and have a great picnic - food and hydration will be provided!

Interested in practical shooting sports,

but never had the opportunity to give it a try?

Want to meet other ladies that have the same interests?

Please come and join us for our second annual Practical Rifle Ladies Day. It's a really good time and a "couples" match, in which each couple competes as a team

in an easygoing practical rifle match.

It's a friendly, low-stress day in which we get a chance to bring the ladies to the range and show them a good time.

You don't have to "know how" to do anything. It's the guy's job to help you out and get you all set up. If you've already got some experience (and LRGC has ladies that certainly do), feel free to run your own rifle. Maybe help your hubby out!

Lunch and hydration will be provided for the ladies match so come out and have fun. If you don't have a man, you will be paired up with one of our singles - remember, the men's score will only be counted if he has a lady to partner!

Make sure you check the club website for required equipment & registration

closer to the event.

So come on out for a nice day at the LRGC range

Let's make our second Ladies Day even better than the first!

The last SATURDAY of every month, rain or shine, 0900-1630

09-18-2009, 10:30
Central Kentucky
Boyle Co. Fish and Game Club (Junction City, the range is about 5 miles south of Danville)
1st and 3rd Sunday of the month (and 5th if there are five Sundays), this schedule starts in October. Will shoot in rain!
Time: 2:00 PM
Fee: $2 Members, $3 Non-members

Need: .380 caliber and up handgun, 1 holster for said firearm, and a magazine pouch. The mag pouch doesn't have to be a double, but it does make things easier. Ear and eye protection if you don't wear prescription glasses.

This is not an official anything, but it is IDPA style. A few minor differences, for instance there is no requirement for a cover garment. IDPA cardboard targets are used. Scoring is slightly different as well, nothing major.

Usually about 7 or 8 people show up, sometimes we get lucky and have 12 or more. Everyone is friendly and we'd be glad to have you stop on in!

The event usually lasts about 2 hrs or so, and we typically shoot around 50 rounds. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.

02-14-2010, 12:38
Hi All,

I dragged a buddy visiting from Canada to help by R.Oing Sat; AM, COLD BRRR. We worked till 1PM on the plate racks, went out to eat, came back to shoot the match, huge turn out.

Mutch warmer! This is an add for the Glock 26, not shot mine for two years (but great hits at 25 yd)

One of the far targets, three rounds touching! All A's and B's except one C.

Not bragging, just amazed at the acuraccy of that old G26, standard trigger.
The old trigicon sights.

Keep Safe.

03-02-2010, 19:00

04-18-2010, 14:37
NH & VT, that is. Winter is over! :wavey:

05-27-2010, 10:41

I am pleased to report that we will be holding our third annual Zombie Shoot at New Holland Gun Club near Gap, PA on Saturday October 23rd 2010. Over the next few months please check back as we will be updating this thread with registration information, prizes, sponsors, course of fire details etc. I can tell you this, Contagion 2010 will have six shooting evolution and by popular demand, a kick ***** inside shoot house stage.

We have made several structural changes to the shoot based on your feedback. Gone is the squad style shooting. You can arrive whenever you wish and shoot whatever evolutions you wish. Based on the size of New Holland Gun Club we are expanding our capacity to at least 200 shooters. That said, given our last Zombie event sold out in 14 minutes, I would suggest you pay careful attention to the registration information that will be posted in this thread.

More Shooting Evolutions.... More Fun...... Less Waiting..... More Flexibility...

Stay tuned...

05-27-2010, 10:44
“Contagion 2010” Zombie Shoot Sponsorship

There are a variety of event sponsorship opportunities available to
corporations, small businesses, and individuals. For more information
on sponsorship please contact Christine McCreesh, Sponsorship

10-08-2010, 22:50
WoW! This is out of date but, I'll be shooting my first ever IDPA match at Volusia Gun Club on Sunday 10/10/10. If anyone live near here I understand they are very enthusiastic about their IDPA matches.

I'm having the WORST time deciding what I'll shoot though. Been practicing all week with a Glock 17 and a 19, a M&P Pro and my new Springfield Operator. It hell trying to figure it out since I shoot them all equally. The 1911 would obviously cost more but, I have a Dillon Square Deal B and newly purchased .45 dies.

Any suggestions?

10-09-2010, 05:54
WoW! This is out of date but, I'll be shooting my first ever IDPA match at Volusia Gun Club on Sunday 10/10/10. If anyone live near here I understand they are very enthusiastic about their IDPA matches.

I'm having the WORST time deciding what I'll shoot though. Been practicing all week with a Glock 17 and a 19, a M&P Pro and my new Springfield Operator. It hell trying to figure it out since I shoot them all equally. The 1911 would obviously cost more but, I have a Dillon Square Deal B and newly purchased .45 dies. Any suggestions?

Glock 19, quicker traversing left to right, or right to left (would you believe side to side!) use your Glock 17 magazines, it is allowed, and no chance of trapping that bit of skin, bottom of your reloading hand, little finger side. Ouch.

Sun screen, lots, ball cap, wrap around safety glasses, good ear muffs, high neck tee shirt (hot brass!) cooler, water. Little fold up chair can come in handy.

A jeep is better than a Corvette! Wear your sneakers, take your boots.

Mark your magazines, easier to spot, your first one (with 11 rounds, all the rest 10) can be a Glock 19 one, the rest, 3? Glock 17s. Ammo? Nothing fancy, Wally World White box. Take 200, you will not need them, better safe than sorry, they do keep.

Good luck.

10-10-2010, 05:43
Thanks Scouse. I'm on the way now.

03-27-2011, 23:06
Oklahoma and surrounding area match list.

Feel free to join us at any match

06-18-2011, 16:33
We shoot every 2nd Saturday in Springfield, GA...
For more info go to:

Come shoot & have a GREAT Time w/ us..!

E! :wavey:

09-06-2011, 08:05
Held at Memphis Sport Shooting Association in Lakeland, Tennessee (just east of Memphis)

Looks like the weather should be great this weekend. Stage setting being completed today and tomorrow. It'll be a good test of skill and a great warm-up for the World's.

04-23-2012, 19:02

LEO only fitness and shooting competition in Dallas, TX - June 15th, 16th.

The shooting portion will be a stress-shoot much like the SWAT competitions.

05-14-2012, 08:07
second saturday of every month, rain or shine, Aggressive Defensive Solutions puts on a match at the C2 outdoor range in virginia beach. not sanctioned or affiliated but is styled after idpa/uspsa/ipsc. no limits on pistol type, no mag capacity limits, no limits on holsters (although one might be hard pressed to run a shoulder rig). want to run that sig with 20rd mags from a safariland drop leg? 1911 with 10rd mags from iwb? go for it!

here i am at the may 12th match. dressed in my SHIELD agent gear. brass in the air, it is all i can do to keep the dreaded hk muzzle flip down. (sarcasm, people complain you cant shoot hk in comps because of the muzzle flip)

their bill drill stage, three targets, 6 rounds on each, mandatory reload between target transition. i shot extra to make sure each threat was neutralized.

youtube video

a side carbine stage is held every other match. this one was four positions, five shots from each. i nicked two hostages but they will live. all shots in the threat! the micro h1 is dialed in, just need a magnifier for it.

youtube video

local idpa matches are held every other friday at norfolk county rifle range in chesapeake. it is a private range but the events are open to the public. check out ( for schedules and info.

04-17-2013, 18:39
ZSA's Zombie Action Pistol coming to Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club, Orlando, FL, first is June 29, 2013. More information about the match can soon be found at ( Information about ZSA Zombie Action Pistol can be found at (

Patrick R
08-12-2013, 11:03
Lowellville Rod & Gun Club INC
6225 Quarry Road, Lowellville, OH 44436

Schedule for Black Powder Muzzleloader Matches

August 25, 2013 Sunday 12:00 Noon

September 22, 2013 Sunday 12:00 Noon

October 13, 2013 Sunday 12:00 Noon

-3 Classes:
-Muzzleloader Side Lock Rifles. Shoot at 25 yards & 50 yards.
-Muzzleloader Inline/Unlimited Rifles. Shoot at 50 Yards & 100 Yards.
-Muzzleloader Pistol/Revolver, Shoot at 25 Yards.
Side lock 10 rounds off hand 25 yards, 5 rounds off bench 50 Yards.
Inline 10 rounds off hand 50 yards, 5 rounds off bench 100 Yards.
Pistol 15 rounds off hand, slow fire.

You can sight in before match starting at 12:00 noon.

$5.00 each class entered. Prizes will be awarded.

Patrick (330) 507-2687 Match Director

Patrick R
08-15-2013, 11:05
Lowellville Rod & Gun Club INC

6225 Quarry Road, Lowellville, OH 44436

Schedule for Black Powder Muzzleloader Matches

August 25, 2013 Sunday 12:00 Noon

September 22, 2013 Sunday 12:00 Noon

October 13, 2013 Sunday 12:00 Noon

-3 Classes:
-Muzzleloader Side Lock Rifles. Shoot at 25 yards & 50 yards.
-Muzzleloader Inline/Unlimited Rifles. Shoot at 50 Yards & 100 Yards.
-Muzzleloader Pistol/Revolver, Shoot at 25 Yards.
Side lock 10 rounds off hand 25 yards, 5 rounds off bench 50 Yards.
Inline 10 rounds off hand 50 yards, 5 rounds off bench 100 Yards.
Pistol 15 rounds off hand, slow fire.

You can sight in before match starting at 12:00 noon.

$5.00 each class entered. Prizes will be awarded.

Patrick (330) 507-2687 Match Director
A tailgate muzzleloader/black powder swap meet is encouraged. Bring out your extra stuff to sell.

Patrick R
08-22-2013, 18:57
A tailgate muzzleloader/black powder swap meet is encouraged. Bring out your extra stuff to sell.

The weather is looking great. High of 82 & partly cloudy.

Photo of some of the shooters from the july match.

03-06-2014, 07:21
Hello All,
It is my pleasure to announce that Guthsville Rod and Gun club in Lehigh Valley PA will be hosting 3 SCSA Matches this year. 2 will be local Tier 1 classifiers and 1 will be a Tier 2 State Championship Match. I am inviting you to attend these matches and help spread the word to your club members and those clubs around you. Full details can be found at
Thank You

David K. Snyder
Match Organizer

03-14-2014, 20:49

The Salem Hunting Club has a wide selection of shooting events you may be interested in. Some run year round, while others typically run from May through September.

Examples include:

Muzzle Loading / Black Powder shoots
.22 Bench Rest shoots
.22 Rifle off hand matches
Cowboy Action shoots
Service Rifle shoots
Ladies .22 Rifle League
Police Practical Combat (PPC)
Concealed Carry Shoot (Like IDPA, but more casual in regards to scoring/procedural penalties)
Pistol League
Trap Shooting
Lord of the Range 3 (Fund raiser for Conservation)
Project Appleseed

For dates and details, please visit


01-05-2015, 09:28
Anything in northern California