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Hick Boy
11-07-2007, 18:11
My wife and I are wanting to get another car. We want something that we can carry two kids plus supplies. We currently own two SUVsí and would like a car that gets better than 25 miles to the gallon on the highway, although it is not the set in stone. I am able to spend around 12k for the car. I am leaning toward the Subaru outback. Any suggestions would be welcomed. BTW we are keeping both SUVsí as well

12-01-2007, 20:28
A used Pontiac Vibe or Toyota Matrix , maybe?

12-02-2007, 20:02
Subarus don't get that good of mileage in the real world and I question their reliability and durability, especially with a turbo and a manual transmission.

12-10-2007, 19:57
a ford focus? i never liked them untill i drove one from michigan to florida and back, great gas mileage and rides pretty good for a small car.