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11-15-2007, 16:33
Hey ladies!

Have anyone of you ever heard about OUTLAST TECHNOLOGIES' SmartFabric. The one that cools you down when you are in heat, and warms you up when you are in chill.

Now my question is does this product really work,, anyone with some experiences in jacket, bedding textile etc.?? Alot of this stuff is just a bunch of a good sales speach, when it comes to the product it doesn't really work! :-(

Thank you for your inputs!

11-15-2007, 17:10
Yes, they do work and work quite well. You see these types of microfibers in the CoolMax brand and UnderArmor brand, etc.

11-16-2007, 16:48
Thank you for the answer!

I just ran a test yesterday. I had a vest with this OUTLAST and a vest with 3D airmesh in a 27 C environment and the 3D airmesh, to my surprise, outperformed the OUTLAST, once I got the vest off the one with OUTLAST was very moistured compared to the one with 3D airmesh, maybe the comparison was unfair???