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11-21-2007, 04:54
I'm a guy so don't get torqued. My wife and I have just started the CCW thing in NM and need advice. Wife isn't a chat-room type so I'm doing the talking. She had planned to use her purse as her primary carry mechanism. I've done a little web crawling and think she needs some advice from women who carry. Do anyone of you care share your experience on how-to carry from a woman's perspective?

Thanks in advance,
Dan in NM

11-21-2007, 09:35

I'm obviously not a woman but a few women in my life do pack heat. My cousin prefers a purse carry for her Glock 19. She uses one of those Galco purses that has the compartment in the middle of the purse where she can stick her hand in and yank it out. One of my friend uses either a hip holster (a Galco something) for her M1911 or a similar purse. My niece thus far has been using a hip holster. She doesn't like carrying big purses yet, so she's sticking with a hip holster from El Paso Saddlery - the Street Combat, that I bought for her SIG P239.

11-21-2007, 15:52

Depending on the location, activities and dress I may purse carry or carry on my body.

The two purses I carry in are a custom made fabric bag and a black suede bag that works for dressier occasions or even jeans. The custom made bag is a Vera Bradley knock-off. A friend made it. It is lined with pockets on the inside. I had her make a pocket the size of a G23 and another for a spare mag. I think she should make more to sell as there would definitely be a demand for these. My other black suede bag is open on top. It has two big sections that are divided by a third section that has a snap. My G23 in a Galco holster is in it.

When I carry on my body, I use a Galco holster at about 5 o'clock. It is just what is comfortable to me. That is something you wife will have to figure out and it takes trial and error for that.

Another way I have carried is with a Day Planner so there is yet another option she can consider.

Some of the other ladies will chime in soon, I am sure. I know Deb (cmama) carries with a Galco purse. I think SouthernGal carries IWB. The rest I am not sure of.

The most important thing is for your wife to carry how SHE is comfortable. Yes, it can take a few more seconds to get a gun in a purse but compared to no gun at all, it is a trade off that works for me. Don't let others tell her six reasons why she doesn't need to carry a certain way. Let her weigh the pros and the cons and make up her own mind.

Good luck. :)

Douglas in CT
11-21-2007, 16:24
Purse carry (not that I am advocating this method):
If looking for a purse, make sure that the shoulder strap has a metal cable embedded in it connected to the attach points/buckles on the purse. This will prevent a "slash and grab" from being successful.

Mrs. Tink
11-21-2007, 20:15
The other thing about purse carry is that you can't put that thing down, ANYWHERE, for any reason. Plus it gets kind of heavy. Otherwise, it can be a great option, especially if your lady is practiced in drawing from it. Purse is sometimes the best option in the summertime especially, because depending on her body type it can be difficult to conceal otherwise.

Carrying on my body, I like to carry at 11:00 and cross-draw. It just feels unnatural to keep it on the right side. But that is an individual preference.

Definitely invest in an excellent carry purse, or else find a purse with lots of compartments and make sure that the one with the gun has nothing else in it, not even so much as a penny. Other ladies gave me this advice when I started carrying and they were right!

Good luck to both of you.

11-25-2007, 07:04
I also purse carry quite a bit. I like that misskitty was able to have one made for her. I never thought of that. I bought mine, and it isn't beautiful, but it has the most important feature: a separate compartment for the gun. It is important that a gun is never tossed into a normal purse with the rest of a woman's belongings. Anything and everything could get mixed into the trigger guard.

I sometimes carry with a bellyband when my wardrobe works for that. I find that quite comfortable. I also have a fannypack with a holster built in. The advantage with the fannypack over the purse, though it isn't as elegant, is that it is not as easy for a thief to grab.

11-25-2007, 07:33
I use a fanny pack. I'm not comfortable with the concept of purse carry mostly because purses get snatched so easily. I'm hoping eventually to find a better method, but I haven't yet found (or tried the other methods) a way to conceal with my body type.