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05-08-2002, 05:01
Anyone else have a sucky turkey season?

I sure did!

Them bearded suckers weren’t interested at all in my sexy hen talking…….

The “late hunts” were the ones to have this year.

It was nice to be in the woods again with the shotgun though.

Oh well, if it was easy everyone do it, right?:)

05-08-2002, 06:07
Michigun, i didnt apply for my permit with my dad on time, but he was up last weekend in glenny and didnt have a bit of luck at all either.

05-08-2002, 12:47
Those Tom's just didn't seem to want to come in this year. A couple of times I would get them coming in but when they were out say 100 yards or so they would loose interest and leave the area. I had this happen 2 or 3 times. Other times they wouldn't even bother. The Tom's would gobble and just keep on movin. Bad weather didn't help. We had sunshine, clouds, wind, rain, sleet and snow while I was up near the Cadilac area for 4 days. Maybe next year. I'm sure the people with the late hunts will do better this year.

05-08-2002, 13:06
My pastor at my church called a friend up in Stevens County, Washington, the best turkey area in the state, 30K birds.

He networked me to a dairy framer with a 600 acre farm with three different flocks around.

We traveled the 6 hours at night to get there and hit the fields and the treelines before dawn but couldn't get a close gobble. Some where a couple ridges over but too far off.

By the time we located a good gobbler, we spotted the flock in a pasture on the wrong side of the dairy farmer's property line. So we stopped. But just as soon as we started towards the flocks, three other hunters came from the rear. We talked.

Turned out the farmer had two hunting parties on his property. I'll have to ask for sole rights for that day.

Anyway, it turned out these two flocks were being corn fed by the famrers' wives and weren't about to come to our calls.

Beautiful trip, awesome sunrise and beautiful fields. We ended up hunting a National forest and saw a good (30) mule deer with 20 feet.

All in all, we hunted three counties in 12 hours.

No gobbler that outing. But the farmer told us to come back in the fall for some doe tags!

But, I may be able to slip out for one more shot at the birds. turkey season doesn't close until May 15th!

sigok but glock
05-08-2002, 14:20
I was in northern Stevens Co. Shot 2 toms one in lincoln Co. one in stevens. Just the luck of the draw I guess. Shot the first one at day break in SCO headed home shot the other in Lco. Great hunting up there and only getting better.

Glock You!
05-08-2002, 17:00
Shot a nice big tom the first day I hunted second season. Hunted last weekend during fourth season and didn't see a thing, although I did hear a few gobbling. I agree that the birds this year seemed to have no interest in the calls. Got my tom by spotting him strutting in a field and belly crawling into shooting range. I've still got time to bag another but sure hate hunting in the heat that late season brings. Don't know about the rest of you but I do all my hunting on public land and these birds have seen some serious pressure.

Just remember guys, a bad day turkey hunting still beats the hell out of a good day at the office!!;a

05-09-2002, 05:48
bwr, i sometimes work in downtown rochester and i hunt in cadillac also thats pretty cool to find another gter living so close

05-09-2002, 08:13
I have a brother-in-law that lives in Luther (about 20 miles southwest of Cadillac), so I do a fair amount of mostly bow hunting in that area. For gun deer season I usually hunt in Baraga county in the U.P. My sister lives in Waterford (on Lotus Lake) so I am in your neck of the woods several times a year.

05-09-2002, 08:16
bwr, cool deal yeah i do some snowmobilinig in baraga know right where your at. i live on watkins lake in waterford at 59 and crescent, next time your in the area and you have time drop me a line on here or an e mail maybe we can get together and shoot. i think we are aquiring enough michigan glock talkers where we may need to have a get together soon.

05-09-2002, 09:01
I'll be up at Baraga State Park camping the 3rd week of June. Will be doing some lake trout fishing, maybe some pike and walleye fishing and probably doing a little exploring for deer hunting areas using the Sportsman 500. Where do you shoot over in Waterford? Pontiac Lake rec? I've been shooting at Great Lakes Crossing a few times and Double Action in Sterling Heights once. That's where I discovered I needed to get that G36 thats on order at Guns Galore in Fenton. Sounding like an advertisement for gun dealers in the area aren't I. Maybe we can get a few of the GTer's together to shoot sometime. ;a

05-09-2002, 11:57
I haven't been on GT for several weeks now, due to turkey season here in Oklahoma. I'm happy with the end result of my efforts, however. The first tom I took had a 9.75" beard, and the second one had a 9.00" beard. The third bird was a jake, but I'm sure he'll taste just fine! ;)

05-09-2002, 12:03
It's gotta be nice to have the opportunity at more than one bird. Here in Michgan the season limit is one bird and you are doing really good to get that one.

05-09-2002, 12:14
Just cleared it with my wife.

Going out for some turkey hunting close to home near the end of the season - next Wednesday.

Drive 3 hours for a couple less hunted birds or 8 hours to flocks of near 300 birds?


05-10-2002, 01:46
bwr, i am a member at oakland county sportsmens club, but for pistol they dont have indoor so i go to double action, or peters indoor range/gunshop out in roseville where i work. guns galore is a great dealer super cool guys there ive bought lots of rifles there but never a handgun but i do know their prices are great and they even give better deals if you pay cash!

45/70 marlin
05-10-2002, 23:55
This was the first year since in a long time that I did not bag a bird.I went out once with no luck.The fishing was soo good here I did not get a chance to go hunting again.

05-11-2002, 15:29
saw a real nice hen cossing a road near Glendale FWA. Glassed the area. Came back with about 25 ticks. Should have sprayed down...anyway, 0 toms, two large mouth bass, 1 crappie in about 10 minutes of fishin'. ( farm pond )

05-11-2002, 21:56
Not a thing. Did see some the week before the season, but never again.

Glock You!
05-20-2002, 15:03
Shot my second Tom of the year last weekend. Got to the woods later than planned and set-up on a field shortly after 6am. At 6:30 a hen wandered out into the field and stayed for about 20 minutes before moving on. Ten minutes later a Tom came into the field alone. He moved around the field feeding for several minutes but shied away from my corner of the field, probably nervous of my decoy. Finally after nearly an hour of watching him feed about the field he worked his way into gun range and met a load of turkey shot. Two hours after stepping out of the truck I was heading home for breakfast.

Beard was 10 1/2 inches, Spurs 1 1/4 inches.

Fear not those of you who had a bad year, I was completely skunked last year and got two nice toms this year in only four days of hunting. Persistence pays off!

Is it bow season YET??????;N

05-23-2002, 11:05
Tried turkey hunting for first time this year. Harvest report for yesterday @ 10:10am .... 21lbs, 9.5" beard, 1" spurs. Sat for 5 hrs. to get this one. Dinner was great last night. So was lunch today!

05-23-2002, 12:00
KenS: What did ya do? Deep fry that bad boy? Good job. Did you go with a buddy? The guy I went with last year wanted to split up. But, I think it would be more fun to have one guy callin' from a closer distance. Heck, I don't really care who "gets to shoot" the bird. I'm not saying I wouldn't like to get one of those big Toms in my sights. ( tru glo on a an 870 SPS-T ). Once again, congratulations! and keep sharin' those recipes!

05-24-2002, 07:32
Rob19, after I breasted it out my wife marinated in teryaki for about an hour then poured cream of mushroom soup in a backing dish, dropped in the breasts and baked it for about 2 hours at about 225 turning it over every once in a while. She turned up the heat a little higher at the end. Yes, I had a buddy with me who convinced me to go hunting turkey this year. He did all the calling and helped me out with the scouting the week before. I sure my success had a lot to do with my good friend and hunting buddy. It was a great day, a great meal, and a great friend.

05-24-2002, 13:23
Sounds like you fellas has some good hunting.

I was just enjoyin da sun on the past trip.

Well, deer season in the fall and wild hod this summer!