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11-25-2007, 05:13
is teh sux!! I had almost forgotten how bad it sucks to do a month long rotation there (it's been about 2 years). A month of living in GP Mediums with heaters that kinda work, until they break completely. Below freezing temps and snow the whole time. Man, sitting on an all night ambush in the snow is awesome training for Iraq.

Now I'm on my last day of a 4 day weekend and leave this evening to go to Graf for two weeks and watch our mounted sections shoot the Bradley gunnery. While us lowly dismounts run ranges and complain about the weather again. My joes are convinced that we're training to go to war with Greenland.

Ok, self pity is now turned off......

11-25-2007, 18:51
Glad to see nothing has changed in 30 years. LOL, Mike

the iceman
11-26-2007, 20:28
I don't miss that crap a bit! We had to do it in Northern Norway in Feb for a month so just remember, it could always be worse.

11-27-2007, 02:06
I had a German girlfriend. Made deployments to Graf, Hohenfels, Wildchicken much easier to deal with.

11-27-2007, 15:01
I did a few years of that. Lived in our trucks more than a tent due to 24 hour ops. We'd set up and watch the entire Division fire; our BDE would come and go and we'd still be stuck there. 30-45 days at a average, 200+ days a year.

Currently in Iraq, no snow down south, but it's snowing up north.

11-28-2007, 03:29
I was stationed almost between Hohenfels and Graf(Amberg). I was so close to both of them that I sometimes hopped on my bicycle and went there. Being that close we spent LOTS of time at both of them(when we weren't out watching the Czech border.:upeyes:
BTW, while you're maneuvering on Hohenfels, try to stay on the right map sheet. ;) My mortar section spent most of one night wandering around there because our section sergeant and the first squad leader couldn't read a map. We were lost, almost out of fuel, and didn't even know where our Troop was, so you can imagine how lucky I felt when they tossed me the map and told me to navigate us to our Troop and we stumbled into them on the top of a hill. The convoy was in the process of sliding down the hill on the ice, one vehicle at a time. We joined them, then slid down the hill too. It's fun watching M1's, Bradleys and everything else in a Cav troop sliding down a hill on ice. The funny thing was the next day we were heading home, but the roads were so icy that the tanks and Bradleys all ended up in the ditch, but our 113's made it home that day. We had a few rubber track pads missing, which gave us some good traction. ;)

12-03-2007, 12:05
Some of the days at Hohenfels, Graf & Wildchicken sucked. Now that I am retired, man those were the good ole days.

12-03-2007, 12:31
What's worse than being in Hohenfels- is being a Engineer in Hohenfels!

Dang, putting in minefields, 1000 meters of triple row concertina in foot thick frozen mud, digging tank defilades all night and then pulling overwatch when your done! yeah lots of fun!

But like MP1SG-good times!!

12-03-2007, 12:39
Anybody else see those HUGE wild boars in Graf? They used to come around our positions while we were firing the mortars. They ate just about anything, and would root through the trash and kept trying to get into our extra cheese(propellant) charges that we had to store a safe distance from the guns. Nothing funnier than seeing a guy come running back from the cheese storage area with his eyes as big as saucers.:faint: Those things had no fear of humans or loud noises.:wow:

12-09-2007, 04:59
That place sucked big donkydik! + Hohenfels has those bigass flies that bite...I think I did 9 Grafs funny thing we did there was put CS powder on the tank tails during summer when we knew certain trps would be using that trail....I forget which frigging place had the ****ters against both sides of the wall facing eachother with separations ???:upeyes:

12-13-2007, 10:53
Ah Wildchicken...

I was stationed there in the early 90s. If you think being deployed there for training was bad, try being stationed there.

Although drinking with the Brits when they would come in to train was a interesting experience.

I heard stories about the Giant boar hogs at Graf. I saw a few but nothing monsterous.

Anyone ever see any of the giant rabbits?

12-13-2007, 11:18
Anyone ever see any of the giant rabbits?

Those are rabbits???? I thought they were a new species of moose! And during this last gunnery, I was BCEing and watching all the deer and boar hogs on the FLIR which is a cool experience. Thought the hogs were going to attack and/or mate with some of the Brads.

12-13-2007, 12:25
I remember driving down a tank trail in Graf in a PC once and seeing a small clearing in the woods. It looked kind of odd, so we stopped to check it out and it was a fresh crater. Not sure if it was artillery, but it was pretty impressive, and it was NOT in the impact area. We didn't hang around too long in case more rounds were incoming.:whistling:

12-20-2007, 22:23
Rail loading at Vilsek, road march with whoopee lights from Graf, Seiben Stein Hausen, waking up in the back of a 5-ton with about a foot of snow on my fart sack keeping me insulated, warming up behind an M1 and boiling water in your steel pot for a field bath, get ahold of some Hoffman charges and see how far you can blow your steel pot up into the air with big bonus points for catching it, staying up for 3 days and nights working off deadlines when we bombed Libya...oh, yeah, MP1SG, those were the days.

12-21-2007, 02:27
I was in Hohenfels supporting an Armored Div. ARTEP in '89 when the wall fell. I remember celebrating over some MRE coffee for a few minutes, then back out to slogging through that mud that made you taller with every step. The sun didn't come out in the whole 26 days we were there. CS'ed almost every day too.

Big Time
12-21-2007, 23:36
Yes,been to all those training areas,I was stationed at Weisbaden Air Base,then Baumholder,And Freidberg.

Allen Raiford
12-27-2007, 19:44
Went to Hohenfels and Grafenwoer many time.
Teh suxxor for sure!