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Grey Wolf
05-09-2002, 23:36
Can you all share your secrets and methods for calling/ tracking down the ole Tom's. I am new to Turkey hunting and have found it is different than the deer, hog an other hunting I have done. A run down from preparation through locating and setup; whether r not you use decoys(why or why not) and all info you think would help a new turkey hunter get into some gobblers.

Thanks you guy I am looking forward to this being the best forum on GT.
Grey Wolf

05-12-2002, 12:50
Grey Wolf,

Log on to the N.W.T.F. website. That should be enough info to get you started. Another GREAT source for learning how to turkey hunt, are the videos marketed by Primos, HS Strut, Realtree, Knight & Hale, etc. I had no one to teach me how to hunt turkeys. I watched the videos and learned from them. ;)

05-12-2002, 13:21
I agree with kshutt. Turkey hunting is way to involve to try to cover in a post. The turkey hunting videos on the market a very informative and help a lot. They cover everything from set up to calling techniques even camo. The videos let you hear what the calls sound like and tell you when to use what kind of call. If you have a large sporting goods store in the area sometimes they have workshops you can attend to get first hand advice. Good luck with the turkey hunting it can be an enjoyable and rewarding hunt.

Grey Wolf
05-12-2002, 14:40
Thanks guys,
I guess I was looking for the cure all from folks I don't even know have killed and birds. I have studied the videos and TV shows as much as I can. I was just frustrated. Of course that is why I took up Turkey hunting, A challenge and something to keep me in the woods in the spring.
Just can not wait to get back home to Michigan so I can try anddraw thos spring bear permits.:)

Thanks again
Grey Wolf

05-13-2002, 04:08
Mr. Grey Wolf, may I ask where in MI you'll be getting back to?

I didn't apply for a bear permit this year... We're on the "point system" now & I had a fear I'd draw one & not be able to use it... no time this year. My chances would have been 2 fold this year because I didn't receive a permit last year.

Grey Wolf
05-13-2002, 09:13
Well I am from Plainwell in SW near Kalamazoo and my better half is from the small flashing light of Rapid River. It is near Escanaba just of US 2 in UP. Bear hutning is going t be new to me but I think I will like it. Were in the state are you from?

Grey Wolf

05-13-2002, 23:01
I couldn't be more smack in the middle if I tried!:)

I live in between Lansing, Saginaw & Flint... I'm about an hour from each. I work in Owosso & drive 20 minutes South to get there as well. I'm just off of M-57. I'd say I'm closest to Chesaning.

I know Plainwell very, very good, but it's been a while now.

I have a good friend of mine who's dad lives in Newberry... very well known for their bear population. Voted the best the last 2 years in a row for the harvest.

05-14-2002, 16:07
A good way to scour the used book stores.

Bound to find a coule of nice turkey hunting books as well.

Best bet is to go out with a seasoned turkey hunter who will share his spots with you.