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12-04-2007, 12:00
I served in the Naval Air Reserve from 1964-70 out of Belle Chasse. I was an aircrewman on P2's. It was great fun to sit in the nose greenhouse or in the afterstation and toss stuff out the window. Never did find any submarines.
C. Mayeux AW2

12-05-2007, 07:23
I joined the USNR at the age of 17. Was in the 85day program at NAS NOLA. My first "duty station" was Alven Calender Field (NAS NOLA). Dec '67 to mid '68 .

On my weekend drills I was an unofficial crewman in the P2's. I am a plank owner in VP-821.

I was an AO striker and flew that position with a AO2 that trained me in the art of throwing stuff out the windows and the bottom hatch. Flares,sono-bouys,PDC's,garbage,etc.,all went out the hatch or windows. I emptied the urinal and helped refuel the A/C. Keeping your footing while pulling the fueling hose up to the wing by rope was especially challengeing. As was taking off the engine covers on a rainy AM. I was the gofor of the crew, but absolutely loved it. Even though it was a no-no, I was allowed,by our very liberal pilot, to make a couple of landings in the nose. Jez/sniffer station IIRC.

After a year or so I went active duty and on to NAS Jax for(yep) AO "A" School. After grad,on to the fleet but will never forget my days at NAS NOLA. I retired over 22 years later but will always remember my P2 days as the start of my "education". Especially from the crews tough ol' ADC,our flight engineer.

We never found any subs either, but did manage to make a couple of rum runs to Puerto Rico and have several RO1N's at Key West while keeping an eye on the stuff going to Cuba.

09-26-2008, 09:00
We were obviously there at the same time. You really brought back some pleasant memories about flights in the P2, refeuling, throwing things, etc. I used to love to sit in the afterstation or the bow. I was an ECM operator.

What fun that was for a teenager!

Charles Mayeux

09-26-2008, 10:40
Helped one of the crewmambers "boresight" the search light one PM. We could only leave it on for a few seconds while not airborn as it would overheat to the extreme. It was a carbon-arc light IIRC. We left it on too long and bubbled the paint on the side of the hanger. The maint. chief was "upset".

Also if you was going fast enough you could open the bottom(aft) hatch and reach down and pull in the longwire antenna as the radio operator played it out. When you managed to pull in enough you could take it forward and hand it to him. All the while prayin' that he didn't key the transmit. If so,you would do a little dance and drop it,like,RIGHT NOW !!

I used to sit the raido seat and dial in CB freq's on the HF radio. I'd talk to truckers several hundred miles away. They never would believe me when I told them what my location was. When they asked how I was gettin' out so good,I'd tell them that I had a 5000ft flying antenna.

Those were some fun times. About that same time frame was when I decided to make the Navy my career. The P2 played a major role in that decission.