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Sgt. Tackleberry
12-04-2007, 17:02
Last night while I was still at work(swing shift) a man tried to gain entry into my house(approx 10:45pm) while my wife(42) and child (18 months) were at wife heard a continued attempt to gain access through our front door, she "peaked" out the window curtain to see if it was me coming home abit earliy and relised, nope not me. she took our daughter to the "safe" room in the house were her glock .40 cal was waiting we also have a phone in that room..she called 911, gave the little one a toy to play with and stayed put!
She could see through a slighlty opened bedroom door anyone coming down the hallway so decided that was the place to stay hold up, The dispatcher said we are on the way dont be scared, HA! If they only knew my wife..
She had her back broken in a horse riding mishap, quit smoking and had a baby all with in 14 months of each other, not alot scares her. The man was arrested for being drunk he lives 6 blocks away and thought it was his house..dont let the fact of all the christmas lights and the motorcycle parked 10 feet from the door clue you in.....anyway all safe and good work honey!

12-08-2007, 08:18
Give her lots of extra hugs! Even though it sounds like it was a terrifying experience - it also sounds like she was prepared to act if necessary! YEAH for her!!

Mrs. VR
12-10-2007, 18:08
Holy Moley! Good for her for staying calm, and doing what she needed to!