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12-04-2007, 19:35
I want to vote in the primary, but I have never voted in a primary before, and never declared a party before. I did a little looking and it seems that your party is determined by the ballot you vote on in the primary. So can I just show up at the primary and tell them I want to vote on the republican primary? How would I change my party to independent/libertarian after that?

12-04-2007, 22:08
You can declare your party at the polling place, as well as change your party there if declaring Democrat. You need to understand that if you are not a declared Republican or Democrat, (since we are a 2 party system,) you will not be voting in primaries. For general elections, no party is claimed, as all eligible candidates will be on your ballot.

12-05-2007, 10:03
You need to understand that if you are not a declared Republican or Democrat, (since we are a 2 party system,) you will not be voting in primaries.

To clarify a little, Linda is saying Ohio primaries will only offer voters ballots for D or R. If you are are a D, R or anything else, you can still vote. You really don't need to worry about switching back after the Primary, next primary, just go in a request whichever ballot you want to vote on. The only time I know of where it matters what party you are 'declared' in Ohio is if you are looking to be elected as a Party committee man, delegate or other Party position.

12-05-2007, 12:31
Do I have to declare ahead of time, or can I just show up declare republican and vote on the republican ballot? If it has to be ahead of time, can this be done at any place that you can register to vote? Our polling place is just a church that the township borrows for elections.

I understand I will need to declare republican to vote on the republican primary, it’s just that I’m not republican or democrat now, and wish not to be after I vote in this primary. I realize it doesn’t really matter, but is this possible? After you declare one or the other you can only switch between R and D? Or can you latter declare independent or libertarian? At this time I don’t see a need to vote in future primaries as I don’t see either party changing enough to actually represent me.

Thanks for the help.

12-06-2007, 08:11
You just show up and ask for the Republican ballot this March. If you don't want to vote later primaries that is Ok. If the next primary you choose to get the D ballot that is Ok. If the L's or others hold primaries, you could choose their ballot as well in the future.

I believe your party affiliation in Ohio is determined simply by which ballot you voted on in the last X number of primaries. If you voted R last time, they list you as R if you voted D last time, you are listed as D. If you have never voted in a primary (or maybe don't vote for a while, not sure how long) they list you as none or independent.

There have been some pushes in the past to have Ohio voters declare a party either at registration or other times, but the anonymity of choosing your primary ballot helps keep the process more non-partisan. New voters can register and then choose a party to vote for when they arrive for the primaries.

12-06-2007, 10:20
They just ask me what ballot I want when I go in after I sign the book. Now, of course, we have to show ID to vote.