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12-11-2007, 09:35

I just found out that I'll be visiting Lancaster on business next month.

Is there any nearby outdoor stores (like Cabelas or Sportsmans Warehouse) nearby?

Looking for some good deals on reloading equipment etc.

Thank you in advance ;)

12-15-2007, 22:37
Cabelas in Hamburg isn't too far and Bass pro shop in Harrisburg isn't too far. These are cool stores to look around but aren't necessary all that cheap. is a gun forum for PA and you will be able to find out where to go for good deals and maybe even meet up for a shoot.

12-19-2007, 11:48
There is a store in Elizabethtown (Trop?) off 222 that is not far from Lancaster -- and is a stocking Dillon dealer. Not many stores stock Dillon equipment. So if you're set on a Dillon this is a great chance to see/touch one in person before deciding to plunk down the cash.

12-19-2007, 20:12
kinseys is less than a mile away from tropps. It is worth a look if you are at Tropps. Also there is a gander mountain, bass pro and dunhams in harrisburg about 40 minutes away

12-19-2007, 22:10
If you want to check out Trop's here is their web site:

I also like Shyda's:

12-20-2007, 08:23
I like Shyda's as well. Great pricing on reloading supplies (powder and primers, specifically).

12-20-2007, 08:37
Powders and primers are items I can't take home with me on an airplane, I guess. How is the selection of bullets? Hornady, Sierra etc? JHP?

It's very hard to find good hollow point bullets over here... Well, you can find them, but they cost a fortune :upeyes:

I reload .40 S&W and .45 ACP for my handguns and .308 and .223 för my rifles.

12-20-2007, 21:05
Best selection for bullets is cabelas. Plus it is a fun store to explore. It is approximately 90 minutes from Lancaster. Easy drive.

Shydas is a great shop for guns, powder and primers. Lowest prices. 60 minute drive
Richland shooters supply also has good prices. 70 minute drive
Eck's gun barn small shop sells Dillon equipment near Richland shooters supply
Bass pro is fun but the reloading selection for pistol is poor.

Gander mountain better reloading selection than Bass pro.

You could start out heading west towards Harrisburg with a stop at Trops, Kinsey, Bass pro, Gander mountain, Then east to Lebanon for Shydas, Richland, Eck's gun barn and then north east to Cabelas and south west back to Lancaster. You could make a day of this. My guess is you would be driving approximately 130 miles.

I'd be happy to answer more questions.


12-21-2007, 00:09
We are renting a car at Newark International Airport. From there we're driving to Lancaster. This afternoon/evening is probably to only time we have for shopping.

My plan is to drive west to Hamburg and visit Cabelas. Then turn south to Lancaster.

But I have to convince the other 3 travellers I'm with - and they are not interested in shooting at all. So;

1. Is Cabelas a good place to stop for something to eat and drink?
2. How much longer will the drive take doing this compared to driving directly to Lancaster?

12-21-2007, 08:33
Cabela's has a cafeteria inside, on the second floor. So yes, it's a good place to eat and drink. Furthermore, they have some semi-exotic dishes up there (e.g. buffalo, venison, ostrich) so it's not just your regular greasy spoon. Plus, they have lots of nice displays (especially if you're into taxidermy).

I would also vote Cabela's for bullets. Shyda's has them but not in the variety that may suit your needs. I usually get my bullets from TnT Reloading (Easton, PA). They didn't have such a good selection at the VF gunshow last week.

I haven't made the drive from EWR so I can't say how much time you'll add.

12-21-2007, 10:26
Cabelas is definitely worth the stop. Your friends will really like it even if they aren't into shooting.
Cabelas is right off of the hamburg exit of I78 and you will probably be driving I78 anyways. You can then take 61 /222 into Lancaster.*right*retail_dropdown

12-21-2007, 21:43
Stay on I78 until rt 61 north. You will see cabelas on the right across rt 61. I like Cracker Barrel for food. Good food and good prices. When done take rt 61 south untill rt 222. Head south on rt 222. This will take you to Lancaster. You will only add 15 to 20 minutes to the drive time by going to cabelas. From Cabelas, Lancaster is approximately 75 minutes.

Have safe and enjoyable trip.