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Lynn D
12-11-2007, 19:00
....'cause I helped at a delivery today.:baby:

I had finished my shift, and stayed at our base. My driver was getting ready to go to his cabin "up north". Our other two rigs were out (pretty busy, since we're a vollie).

Call comes in for "labor pains 5 mins. apart; 5th baby". Dispatch asks "don't you know anyone who could drive"? Call my driver back, he comes.

Get to scene. ALS is there. Mom crowning. Water breaks, and oh, about 2 minutes later a little girl came into the world. Mom did great, baby did great, and crew did great.

Kinda of a neat end to a day, no?

12-11-2007, 21:32
Nice job, always good to see one brought into the world:banana:

12-12-2007, 06:57
I work fulltime in an urban environment, you know, fire trucks and medics every other block, hospitals every 3rd block, and part time out in the country where we have 10 minute respoonse times to the scene and 20 mins to the hospital.

Anyhow we get a call for an OB at around 2300hrs or so, me being the only paramedic card holder I'm in charge. We're driving up there, one radio on the EMS channel, my handheld on the deputy channel, and I hear the deputy telling the dispatcher, who then tells us over the EMS channel that the baby is out and not breathing, or unresponsive, or something crappy like that. On top of that, around that time, one of the people in the back of the truck yells up that she can't find the OB kit.

So here I am, I have no way to tie off the cord (I wear slip on shoes, no laces), I'll be using a set of dirty trauma shears to cut it with, and I'm running a neonatal code with some people who I've never really seen in action (at nights they only staff 1 paramedic, the rest of the crew shows up from home, whoever gets there first goes). We come accross a surgical mask, cut the strings off it, and decide to use it to tie off the cords with, so rather than a full OB kit, I came off the truck with these strings and some trauma shears.

We arrive to the baby to find a warm, dry, very alert baby chillin with mom, cord still attached and placenta still inside. The deputy, who I later nominated for an award, had the presence of mind to dry the baby off, cover it up, place it on moms lap, and turn on the car heater. I tied off the cords with my little strings, cut the cord with the trauma shears, and we transported. After getting to the back of the truck, I looked right where the kit should be, low and behold, it was there :)

That's the closest I've come to delivering, I didn't feel I deserved a stork pin so I never asked.

Grats on your delivery :)

12-13-2007, 13:16
That is such a wonderful thing to be part of.

I have delivered two and assisted on a third one:supergrin:

12-14-2007, 12:18
It sure makes up for the other calls.......Congrats