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12-13-2007, 12:27
No, not mine :rofl::rofl:

MengerFan asks this in Carry Issues, http://glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=794894 .

Asked him to come here and post, but he hasn't.

He's got men telling what a woman should do, and y'all all know how good we are at that!!!

Thanks for your help.



12-14-2007, 16:27
Russ, I don't have a clue... :)

12-14-2007, 21:20
Well, I read the entire original thread and determined that men are no better than women at staying on topic...

here's my attempt...

i have 2 kids, ages 4 and 6. i have had a CCW over 10 years. Before the kids, i carried either OWB under my sweatshirt/coat (cold weather) or in a "fanny pack" designed for cross draw. Post child, i discovered that i needed to get in the habit of carrying the baby on my weak side (duhHUH) in order to access the gun in hip holster. Baby never knew the gun was there, and couldn't get to it if she did, and even if she could reach it, the Kydex holster covered the trigger anyway, and held the gun too firmly for her to pull it out. This doesn't work in hot weather or certain indoor situations when oversized Hawaiian prints are just not the thing. For that, i got a Coronado purse. With a lock. Which i only used when i had to drive thru Ohio and in the house when i had put the purse down and hadn't transferred the gun back to hip holster.

Train the kids right from the start - do not keep fun stuff for the kids in your purse. Let them see that what is in there is not candy, toys, etc. Cash is in my pocket. My kids know that there is nothing in my purse that they want. (Keeping the ever-hated nosewipes in the purse helped). Fun stuff belongs in the diaper bag. When they outgrow the diaper bag, fun stuff belongs in their backpacks. Do not promote any desire for them to get into your purse. Then WEAR the purse. No baby strapped into a shopping cart is going to get into a CCW purse you are WEARING. Tossing the gun into any old bag with no closure is not, however, a sufficiently responsible tote. Galco, Coronado, Maxpedition, etc - find a good purse DESIGNED for CCW if you cannot keep it on your hip.

Also, do not make the gun an object of secrecy. Answer the questions they ask. Buy them toy AR15s and let them shoot carpet sharks (my excuse for allowing dust bunnies - the kids need targets). Watch Eddie Eagle video with them regularly.

I have switched purses, to a Maxpedition Fatboy, in order to spare my spine some agony (the Fatboy is lighter in weight and the strap goes across my body over my left shoulder, instead of hanging off my right). There are other reasons for this. I need to be able to access the gun with my strong hand, while holding onto a small child with my weak hand. This was never possible for me with the hobo bag, which always required two hands for me to access and draw the gun. Also, having the strap across my body is better for retention of the purse. The only two drawbacks i have come across are 1)the fatboy will never look right with a dress, unless the dress is camo; and 2)the cross body strap reduces the utility of the purse as an impact weapon, because it takes too long to get it off.
Safely chambered,

12-15-2007, 18:58
Tossing the gun into any old bag with no closure is not, however, a sufficiently responsible tote. Galco, Coronado, Maxpedition, etc - find a good purse DESIGNED for CCW if you cannot keep it on your hip.

If you look around, it is possible to find bags that will work for CCW not made by the big guys. I have two: one is a black suede bag with a center divider that is like an envelope with a snap at the top that works perfectly. Another bag I use is a fabric bag a friend made similar to Vera Bradley with a pocket that fits my Glock (she measured her husbands, lol). If she wants to go this route, she must not keep anything else in the pocket/section with the gun. Ever.

On body carry is not always possible. When it isn't, I use a purse or day planner.

12-16-2007, 08:56
I didn't mean to imply that anyone had to get a commercially produced CCW purse. It is possible to find a good purse off the shelf to carry in. I just haven't managed to find one that allows both a reasonable speed draw and retention/security for the pistol i carry. I did want to point out that purses designed for CCW are available, because i had been carrying for six or seven years before i learned they even existed. Also, it is nice to have something to use as a template to reduce your mistakes if you want to make one yourself. One of my goals for this year is to construct a Fatboy type purse without the side pockets (to make the whole thing smaller and lighter without shrinking the gun compartment) out of a patterned upholstery fabric, because the current Fatboy is too tacticool to wear with a summer sundress. Why i am thinking of summer while looking at the 8 inches of snow on my driveway, i cannot imagine...

12-20-2007, 12:50
Even though they're a bit outdated what about a fanny pack made for a gun? Or a belly wrap holster?
They made jackets now that are BBS (back up belt system compatible) maybe something like that would work?

12-28-2007, 13:59
Do they still make the onesies with a built in holster? That would solve two problems at once, where to put the gun, and how to dress the baby.