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12-16-2007, 08:57
Would there be a market for customized handbags like Vera Bradley, Kate Spade and others that have had holsters sewn into them. Mrs Slinger was remarking how ugly some of the bags were at teh local gunshow and it got my wheels turning.

Whatcha think?

12-16-2007, 12:21
Yes, there would. :)

12-16-2007, 13:44
Yes, there would. :)

+1...I agree...

12-16-2007, 15:07
Well, im going to try on a knock off next time Mrs or I head to DC. I was thinking about using cloth (denim) instead of leather and placing it low in the bag do it wont drag down. Vera bags would probably be easiest since the quilting will help hide the stitches.

This would be more of a "gun pocket" than a holster

Its sad I know this much about handbags....can ya tell Im married?:rofl::rofl:

12-16-2007, 16:06
I have a knock off Vera bag that a friend made a few years ago. She modified a pattern she was using that had rows of pockets around the inside on the outside edges. (I hope that made sense...) She fitted one of the pockets for a Glock perfectly and another held a mag. The other pockets were sized for cell phone, pens, lipstick, sunglasses and such which left the inner most spot open for larger items like a wallet and checkbook. It is a GREAT setup.

After carrying it for a long time, and I still carry it occasionally, the front site wore the fabric really bad so you should consider extra fabric lining there. I tried to get the person who made these to make more like mine to sell but she never did.

12-17-2007, 12:00
Prehaps a piece of leather for the sight channel sewn in line with the quilting stitches will work.

12-17-2007, 12:49
Its sad I know this much about handbags....can ya tell Im married?:rofl::rofl:

Being married has nothing to do with it. If you wanna play with the honeys, you gotta know their games. I know a lot about women's fashion than a man should but then that's how an old, fat and balding dude scoring with the hot honeys now and then.