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12-17-2007, 20:53
Passing this along for anyone who might be interested in some quality local training. I have taken 2 Sig Academy courses with this guy, and he's a good trainer. He has real world experience, and when he's not training operators on MP5's and M60's, he finds the time to offer us lowly civi's a class.

Go here for more info:

Here's a quick rundown of this class:

AR 15 Tactical Rifle Clinic

This clinic focuses on developing sound marksmanship skills with the AR15. The day begins with a zeroing exercise and progresses on to basic rifle marksmanship fundamentals. The afternoon is spent on position firing and shooting on the move. Clinic length is 1 day. Tuition is $175.00 Class size is limited to 10 students.

Training topics include:

o Zeroing procedures.
o Rifle marksmanship fundamentals (sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, etc.).
o Slings & accessories.
o Loading/unloading/reloading.
o Immediate action procedures.
o Position firing.
o Use of cover.
o Shooting on the move.