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12-19-2007, 09:58
I know some of you saw this thread in Carry Issues,

but it bears asking: Does anyone know of any other opinion/statute that expressly forbids carry of more than one weapon?

Anybody care to query the AG office on current opinion?

My .02

12-19-2007, 10:15
After I posted this, I called the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and posed the question to the Pistol License examiner.

I read him the opinion cited in the thread, and he said that he had heard the rumor about this issue before. I told him that it was under discussion on GlockTalk, but he wasn't familiar with GT.

BUT his understanding was that the "one gun opinion" was never enforced, and that most LEO were not even aware of it.

I asked if they would request a new state AG opinion saying more than one was OK, but he declined.

I understand that the AG will NOT examine an issue like this at the request of an individual, but only at the request of someone in law enforcement.

Does anyone here have the ability to request a new opinion from Troy King? Seems like a pretty important question for many of us permit holders!

I'd hate to hear of some politico deciding to press charges against anyone for carrying more than one.

My .02

12-19-2007, 20:14
I cross-posted this from Carry Issues, but it seems to be running its course there.

So please close this thread, and the discussion will continue only in Carry Issues.


12-20-2007, 14:07
Scroo the AG.

I had one of my Representatives get an opinion from Troy useless King about firearms.

It took TWO FRIGGIN YEARS to get my question answered. Best thing you and all your friends can do is vote that worthless POS out of office.