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ks farmboy
12-20-2007, 04:09
if you could change the PT test, how would you? what would you want to change? the push ups? sit ups? waist? run time or distance? what would you change to make it better? just curious cause i think the PT test the way it is now it garbage.

12-20-2007, 08:28
For one the waist size needs to go! To let someone get max points just because they have the waist of a 12 year old boy is stupid. I don't have a problem with the push ups/ sit ups or run but I would also like to see an obstical course (Sorry I'm a career sky cop) instead of minimum standards make it like SWAT team tryouts. What I mean is make them show they have HEART!!!!

12-20-2007, 13:29
I agree. I've seen marathon-running fanatics who are great on the track, but couldn't do much else. I'd rather test stamina in an obstacle course/ruck march type scenario than a straight run. Case in point, I have messed up knees from running too much. I can't run long distance, but I can put on full body armor, pick up 60lb of machine gun and ammo and run from cover to cover all day long as long as it's in short dashes (20-30 yards here and there) or a hundred yards at a time.

12-21-2007, 18:20
Reduce the influence of the waist portion to 10 percent (instead of 30) and add the remaining to the push ups and sit ups. It should be more performance based and less on appearance. Genetics plays too big a factor.

I have seen way too many 95lbs guys get 100% while the UFC type guys get low 80's. I know who I would want to go to war with. I want a guy that is strong enough to pull my butt out of a burning Hummer, not one with enough endurance to run for help.

I am an OSI MSgt and I work out daily. Yes I do have the SNCO gut (36-37 inches) that seems to come with the experience. I feel I am pretty fit for my age. I always max my push ups and sit ups and run the mile in a half in the 12minute range. I have yet to get above a 85%. I'm 5"10 and 215. I bench around 245-275lbs. I'm not a small guy and I never will be. I could lose a few ponds but I will never have a 32 inch waist (genetically). I havent had one since 7th grade. Not a fan of the test as it is.

01-01-2008, 19:47
The PT requirements sucks. Thats for sure. But I got a real problem with the PT on the new EPRs.

01-01-2008, 21:58
The PT requirements sucks. Thats for sure. But I got a real problem with the PT on the new EPRs.

EPR's are another item that needs to be revamped totally. Why if you meet AF standards are you penalized by not recieving max points (basically penalized for meeting standards). All it takes is one knuckle head supervisor that has a belief he/her is enlightend and you are screwed. (how many supervisors have you met that are just a shinning example of poster child. never a bad day almost like Al Gore making decions that "agree" with the masses or how he/she thinks will make them shine instead of whats right).
After 21 years I believe you should either pass/fail the PT test and as far as EPR's either you meet standards or you don't. If you want that many more points toward testing get an award or decoration wrote. (which awards have become political too but it's a start).

01-01-2008, 23:13
HA decorations, they hand them out like candy im my squadron. Call me a dirt bag all you want, but I hate being put in for awards. "you dont have enough volunteer stuff for this award I want to put in for you" Well I didnt join the AF to volunteer for crap, yea it might be bad in taste on my part for not wanting to voluntarily clean a house of a members home that is deployed so his wife wont have her kids taken away by social services because there are used condoms, cat fices and dead rats on the floor. Call me a dirt bag because I dont want to clean up after a retirement ceremony, call me a dirt bag because I dont want to help you move your crap out of your house because your a lazy fat man and cant lift a small TV. I honestly didnt know half of my job was to volunteer for stuff all the time. I probably would have stuck it out at my current job before I joined.

Sorry for the rant, just the way I feel. Love my job, but hate the other stuff. Im out in 4 months anyway. Oh yea, the story about the wife with the kids really happened and it was the most disgusting house I have ever seen in my life. We all wanted SS to take away her kids because she doesnt deserve them. She was a nasty, NASTY woman.

01-02-2008, 01:32
You don't have to do any volunteer work at all. But don't expect recognition for doing the minimum required.

Back on the topic though, I agree with the others about the waist measurement. 10% would be good with 20% for pushups and situps.

ks farmboy
01-06-2008, 20:07
decorations are not heard of in mine. its been a year since ive seen someone get put in for a medal. i pulled a drunk guy out of a sinking car--saved his damn life--and didnt get put in for an award because there isnt any proof. a joke. and thats why im getting out at 4 yrs.

01-06-2008, 21:21
I do believe what you did is honorable. The award should be that you have helped someone live another day. You have saved a life. Thats your award. I wish you luck in your post military service.

01-08-2008, 00:08
i pulled a drunk guy out of a sinking car--saved his damn life--and didnt get put in for an award because there isnt any proof. a joke.
I hear ya there. I pulled a scuba diver out of the ocean that was getting bashed against the rocks. The rocks had pulled his reg off and he kept getting slammed hard and sucking water. He was pretty beat up but claimed that he could have gotten out on his own. He was a TSgt and probably didnt want to admit that a SRA saved his butt.
Don't let that be the only reason to get out though. I have known so many people that got out for little reasons and then a few months later wanted back in. Make sure that is what you really want.