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Gary F
05-15-2002, 18:34

I think SlimKim's signature may be referring to a astute quote found on the "Women Against Gun Control" site noted above.

Gun Control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her own panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.

the quote is possibly that of WAGC President Jonalee Tobias? I sent an e-inquiry to WAGC to see whom that quote/definition belongs to. Are feminists, as a whole, any more anti-gun than other women? ;9

Gary F
05-17-2002, 07:55
hehehe ... Janalee Tobias, President WAGC doesn't know exactly where that there quote on their website homepage came from. hmmm ... lol ...
but Janalee Thomas offered her own quote which some of you might be eager to use on your signature ;b
"When there aren't any warm, strong shoulders of a man to lean on for protection, nothing feels better than the cold, steel barrel of a gun"
--Janalee Tobias
peace, gary

05-19-2002, 01:27
Gary, I believe it was indeed a Women & Guns article where I first read that. I've tried to find an originator but the closest I've been able to find is a similar quote from L. Neil Smith.

I'm starting to think this is one of those things that get around and no one really knows the original source. In that case, I take full credit for making it up myself and demand royalties from anyone who uses it ;f .

Thanks for looking into it though.

Are feminists, as a whole, any more anti-gun than other women?

From my experience, "feminists" are VERY anti-gun. They demand equality and to be treated like men. What they don't acknowledge is that very few women have the strength of a man and thus, are at a disadvantage during a man vs woman fight. I realise that it doesn't make much sense but, the prevailing attitude is that men shouldn't assault/rob/rape women. Therefore, we don't need guns for protection ;g

"When there aren't any warm, strong shoulders of a man to lean on for protection, nothing feels better than the cold, steel barrel of a gun"

This is definately NOT feminist logic! No REAL woman needs any "warm, strong shoulders of a man (blech!)". Obviously Miss Tobias (she doesn't deserve a "Ms";e ) is no feminist. She likes men and guns?! Oh-ma-Gawd! How 1950's can you get?!

I would agree with the quote if the "for protection" part was left out. Protection by men is often too expensive ;).

Miss Kimberly D.

Gary F
05-19-2002, 16:20
thank goodness i gave a variation of SlimKim's signature ... whew ... NO royalties due!
well the Ivy League school "feminists" are certainly ingrained in the anti-gun "idealism" ... that's why it was fun last sept wearing my "Of course I own a gun ... Don't you?" around Berkeley, CA (probably would be the same at Princeton, NJ). Is the new trend toward "Womanists" - or is that also old by now??
What is "blech" Miss Kimberly D? lol
peace, gary

05-20-2002, 01:04
Originally posted by SlimKim
From my experience, "feminists" are VERY anti-gun.

Indeed, as are most professional "victim" hucksters, whether it's gender or race. They make their living by grouping people into "victim" vs "oppressor" classes. Their living and their time in the limelight persist as long as their captive group remain victims, so their policy recommendations will tend to keep women victims forever: defenseless via gun control, and perpetually subservient and dependent upon the state due to welfare, quotas and other ennervating policies.

Victim hucksters would be out of business if their clientele truly became capable and self-sufficient -- there would be no grievance to exploit. When a professional feminist supports gun control, it's perfectly clear whose interest she has at heart.

05-21-2002, 06:19
dgg9, I think you've hit the proverbial nail on the head. All of the race/gender-baiters make their living on convincing the people that America is the most racist country on Earth. If the media were ever to tell the truth, the race-baiters (J.Jackson, A.Sharpton, D.Duke, P.Buchanon) would be flipping burgers at Burger King. The fact is, race/gender/sexual-orientation defense is a big money-maker. If bigotry were ever truly wiped out 100%, a lot of people would be on the unemployment line.

Gary F, sorry but, my well-paid liberal trial lawyers say that any hint of referring to my claim=plagerism. We will either sue for $10,000,000 or settle for $500,000. Your choice. ;f

You wore a pro-gun button at Berkely?! You must be Audie Murphy incarnate! And yes, it'ld be the same at Princeton (and most other colleges). Otherwise, Hitlery would have never allowed her off-spring to go there.

To Miss (not Ms) Kimberly D's "blech", it's is a man's shoulders for protection. I'll stick with my Glock & Kel-Tec for protection, thank you; and men's shoulders are for "other" purposes. ;a

Gary F
05-21-2002, 12:07
Miss Kimberly D:
We'll have to discuss "settlement" arrangements in more detail re: my plagerism of the material you previously plagerized
Audie Murphy??? huh? someone i should know??
'Bleching' is only a symptom of some deeper rooted ambivalence i suppose; it'll pass!;K
Could you send a letter to 2aSisters?? They need new material for letter of the month!!!

05-23-2002, 00:16
I love baiting all my liberal "friends" on the gun topic. If anyone asks me about gun control I grab one of my targets and say "Gun control is 10 shots at 10 yards you can hide with a 50 cent piece". And if a woman feels she wants a gun for protection and a man's shoulders for other purposes then more power to her. :) Mine get used rather often... To move things around... or lift heavy things...I'm convinced that's the only reason women let men stick around! LOL


Audie Murphy? You have to be kidding me right? You don't know who he is? You are culturally challenged! ;f


Gary F
05-23-2002, 18:12
since i couldn't get any straight answers here :rolleyes: i had to go to website .... hmmmm ..... decorated WWII hero & famous movie star. Gunsmoke? I may have watched that from my crib?? we're not as old as Kim & Jack! ;y ;L ok, ok .... perhaps i am that old ... but still don't recognize the audie murphy name ;b perhaps it's the altzheimers ;4
maybe that was an audie murphy quote ::: smirks ::: ??

peace, gary

05-23-2002, 23:32
Gary F,

I can't believe you don't know who Audie Murphy is! He was the most decorated WWII combat soldier! What are they teaching in those history classes these days? More info here:

re: encountering anti-gun folks...

you don't have to be a feminist to be surrounded by those, and you don't have to be in the Ivy League.

Many of my female friends are not "feminists" but are nominally anti-gun, mostly because they just don't have any experience with guns and they are frightened by them (and perhaps because they have heard oh so much of the anti-gun rhetoric and perhaps because they were taught when young that guns were for boys and not girls...!). I'm slowly educating them. :)

I'm a professor at a Southern university, in a state known for it's support of gun rights and it's (relative) conservatism... yet, my campus is about as anti-gun in general as most...

Those gun control folks show up everywhere in all parts of our society and it's our job to show them the truth! ;f

05-24-2002, 16:58
Leave it to my good GT friend Amelia; an Audie Murphy website? Only in America. Gotta agree though, not knowing who Audie Murphy is is a terrible waste. I'm not even 30 yrs old yet :) and even I have seen his movies and heard his story. He was a true American hero and his name really does belong up there with the American greats.

I'm sure that Gary is just putting us on. Audie Murphy has just got to be the perfect man; he knows guns, is willing to risk his life to get at the enemy; whatever "the enemy" may be and, he's such a small MFer that even a little slip like me could kick his butt if he didn't do what I wanted him to do. Way too cool ;j

I gotta go along with Amelia when she says that not only feminists are anti-gun. Women are generally brought up to trust in men for protection. Of course, this is the course of nature but, liberals are constantly trying to readjust nature. Liberals (and women's TV/magazines) are constantly hitting us with the idea that nature (the male provider & the female homemaker) is sexist but that the most effective tool to equalise the sexes (guns) are evil. ;g I have yet to see or hear of any woman-oriented medium that says that guns are anything more than evil pe**s-extensions. Something like big cigars with a bang. As Amelia says, it's our job to show the antis the truth.

Gary F, don't worry about your impending Ahlzeimers. One of America's greatest Presidents had it :) . Maybe you can be President too...on second thought, unless you're willing to pay me my royalties, forget it! :(

G30Jack, you've got my favorite shoulders in a man :D

Gary F
05-24-2002, 20:06
Amelia thank you for the link ... i had already found that link & several others (per my post slightly above yours ... lol) & learned about what's his name ... uhhh Audie; even after reading several pages ... it was clear that i had never learned of him before
(it is kinda sad ... being that i was a phi beta kappa scholar in college .... lmao ...hopefully the key works for some door somewhere!)
My only input about "feminists" was in response to SlimmestKim's signature ...; as a whole i didn't see them as any more "anti-gun" than any other group of women.
Overall I tend more towards "liberalism" (in it's appropriate meaning/ context ... not that of current day democratic politics, media ...) than that of "conservatism". True "liberals" .... ie. liberatarians ... are highly supportive of 2nd amendment rights (actually more consistently supportive than republicans!)
G30Jack Military presses? Lat pulldowns? What's with the shoulders? lol
Culturally challenged ...
peace, gary

05-25-2002, 04:59

More like Honey-Dos although I do get to the gym frequently.


My Kim had first dibs on the shoulders but you might get me as a loaner... To move stuff that is ;)

05-25-2002, 22:38
F30Jack, what else could I possibly want from a mans shoulders than to move stuff? :D To have them on loan for short periods only is perfect! Like I said, my favorite kind of shoulders.:cool:

another okie
06-04-2002, 06:19
More info on Murphy:

To Hell and Back, his autobiography, ghost-written, basis for the movie

No Name on the Bullet, very good biography, confusingly also the title of one of his movies.

Murphy had a heart-breaking childhood and never really recovered mentally from WW II. Actually, it would make a good Hallmark movie or maybe a miniseries.