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12-29-2007, 10:41
2008 will be the first year for some to renew their license, so what's the process.
Do I have to fill out a new application or just walk in with my old license. Is the renewal application different from the original application? I know I need to supply 2 new passport type pictures and redo the fingerprint check. What's the fee for the renewal, and how soon before my current license expires can I apply for a renewal. How long "after" my current license expires can I still apply for a renewal? Thanks everyone for your help. It was a fast four years.

12-29-2007, 17:57
Do everything just like you did the first time as long as your training certificate is still less then 6 yrs old. The new cost is $55 but the license in now valid for 5 years. If you training was more then 6 yrs ago, you will need to find an instructor to re-certify you.

You can renew 90 days before expiration until 30 days after expiration.

01-19-2008, 11:08
Case in point:
Live in Franklin county, got CCW issued from Delaware county, can I go to the Franklin county SO to get the renewal?

How about those that move, within Ohio? My son moved from Cincinnati to Columbus, does he need to go back to Hamilton county for renewal? That would suck a bit.

Also, how do you answer question 1 in Section V about having applied previously for a Ohio CCW and probably Question 2 in the same section.

Thanks -

01-19-2008, 14:15
You can apply in the county of residence or an adjacent. If you live in Franklin and the original as issued in Hamilton, you must renew in Franklin and/or an adjacent county. As for previous issued question, well, you would have to list the county that previously issued the CHL.