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05-17-2002, 07:55
Just started using PowerPro 30lb test for stripers and other gamey fishies. Anybody heard anything bad about this or other braids?

05-18-2002, 02:38
from what i understand it's more visible under water than mono. i've never tried it though. i have seen people use it on a cane pole for crappie, and surprised when they caught fish. i don't have any faith in braids myself, mental thing i guess.

wish i was going striper fishing with ya though.;1

05-18-2002, 04:02
our shop started carrying powerpro not long after it made its debute on the market. most poeple thought it would be another fireline, spiderline or fusion type. it is not like any other of those braids, its a true braid, and i think the best on the market. it has a thin diameter that is great to get more line capacity. it solved the casting problem on spinning tackle but being a very tight braid and not catching the wind. abrasion resisitance is incredible, try cutting this stuff with a pair of line clippers and you'll see what i mean. 0 stretch, you can feel when a shrimp breathes on your line with this stuff.

as for downfalls: be careful when handling, this stuff can cut like a knife if it's taut or moving. it's color will fade after time to a light gray/white color, but taking a permanent marker will solve that problem. and lastly, it's expensive. it will last longer than a mono, especially if when the front gets worn just take it off and respool it the other way.

i highly recommend this line when dealing with large fish and around structure that will tear mono apart. tight lines all...

05-18-2002, 13:27
i haven't ever used the PowerPro line but have used other braids. i don't like them simply for castability reasons. i have used a couple of hybrid lines, and they are great. i still like mono better than any of them. my favorites would probably be SuperStrength Stren and Yozuri.

05-18-2002, 16:55
Braided's good for deep water icefishing(no stretch) or fishing in tough cover where you have to horse fish out or lose them. Very tough stuff. Down side is expense, easily seen, and doesn't spool well. Like a thoroughbred it doesn't do general purpose things well. But what few things is does, it does extremely well.

Best of both worlds is a combo-type like Fireline. Very strong with some flexability, good spooling qualities.

For everyday work plain old mono will still get the job done. Just change it 2-3 times a season to keep it fresh. At about 2$ for 800 yards that's cheap enough to do.

05-29-2002, 02:58
I used them for big game here in Florida, but heres why I still use mono. The braids dont stretch, so if your used to staying hard on a fish at the boat, you tend to pull hooks as the line wont cusion the head shakes and last minute runs, lost some big fish that way. 2 the line is so thin if used with alot of drag, it burys into the spool, no matter how tight its put on, and it will cut through the guides unless you have roller guides or SIC guides. And lastly it is very expensive. I shark fish with 12/0s, 14/0s and 16/0s. Its about $100 to spool a 12/0 with mono ONCE, that would be about 3 times as much for braids.
However, if you are fishing inshore with small reels it would be a good idea, as long as you dont horse the fish at the boat.