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12-31-2007, 15:27
Hello everyone!!

Just wanted to wish you all a very very safe & uneventful New Year's Eve & a New Years Day!!
Please stay safe!
Here's to 2008!!

12-31-2007, 17:31
Same here.

I'm on tomorrow, so I get to pick up all the drunks that didn't wake up to go home. Yea me!

12-31-2007, 17:43
Thanks, and everyone else be safe too.

In years past when i've worked New Years Eve, i'm ALWAYS on a call during the midnight hour. I always hear many shots fired into the air (and i'm talking large city, not in the sticks) and i always seem to run several DUI related incidents. If i'm not working, i stay at home these days, or make sure i don't need to be on the road after midnight. I ran a call a few years ago that took out a family, i'll never forget that.

12-31-2007, 22:48
Hi everyone im new to this forum,once i saw the ff/ems forum i had to join.
You bubba's have a happy and safe new year!

01-02-2008, 17:09
My wife (emergency RN) had a busy night on Christmas Eve nightshift.

She was not scheduled to work New Years, and we had friends over. Almost like clockwork, she got a call asking if she could come in. She declined, considering she was drinking. This happens almost every holiday at the emergency clinic where she works. To save money, the clinic never has a couple people "on call", as they would get some percentage of pay until and if they get called in. Virtually every holiday they get slammed, and most of the staff that is off duty is not available. **sigh**