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01-02-2008, 00:05
Hey ladies and gents:

New CCW permit here! Applied Nov 7th, and the permit arrived by mail Dec 28th. Statute allows for 120 days, and I got it in just over 45. THANK YOU LISA at the Par Blvd office. :wavey:

So, I can admit I'm inexperienced. I know the basics: no carry in government buildings, schools, post offices and marked buildings. I now physically stop and look at entryways when I enter a store trying to spot a sign prohibiting me from carrying inside.

Can any locals inform me of any "out of the norm" places I'm not allowed to carry? I'd bet the Virginia Street casino's have a policy, but if they don't post it on their doors it's up to me to stay concealed :tongueout:

Help out a fellow Glocker and let me know of any places I might be overlooking? Thanks in advance.

01-02-2008, 07:01
Only "Public Buildings" that are posted (or have metal detectors) are legally restricted. The definition of a "Public Building" is:

NRS 202.3673 Permittee authorized to carry concealed firearm while on premises of public building; exceptions; penalty.

6. ... (b) “Public building” means any building or office space occupied by:

(1) Any component of the Nevada System of Higher Education and used for any purpose related to the System; or

(2) The Federal Government, the State of Nevada or any county, city, school district or other political subdivision of the State of Nevada and used for any public purpose.

If only part of the building is occupied by an entity described in this subsection, the term means only that portion of the building which is so occupied.

Airports, schools and child care facilities are also restricted.

Casinos, bars, restaurants and other private facilties are OK. They can ask you to leave and then you must, but if you keep it concealed you will not have a problem.


Colonel Klink
01-13-2008, 15:32
Next step is training. Go to and contact Jerry Wilson or Cory Crow.

01-20-2008, 19:40
Next step is training. Go to and contact Jerry Wilson or Cory Crow.

I've heard though the grape vine. That LMS Defence is hooking up with the Mustang Ranch. Con grats on the new CCW.

03-31-2008, 01:28
I'll be getting my CCW with a co-worker or two and I was wondering if anyone could tell me of a GREAT course that blew their socks off in the Reno, Fernley, Fallon, Carson City, Dayton, Minden area. I want one that covers a lot of material and requires you to pay attention and is willing to work with people who might have LOTS of questions no matter how "stupid" some people think they are.

Kelly is doing hers through mustang range (i think) and it's $60 for guys right now. Tuesdays two weeks. This week was basic pistol safety. the 22 is shooting. She said the a revolver will get you qualified on ALL revolvers. she has a 38 you can use if you buy ammo. She also has a g36 45 and a sig p239 9mm. u just have to bring ammo for it (no wolf)