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01-07-2008, 10:19
I just came down on recruiting duty:crying:. The bad part is (aside from the obvious) I'm still deployed and won't be home until April, just bought a house in September and I report to Ft. Jackson September '08. Go ahead, laugh it up.

01-07-2008, 16:55
My sympathy. My last assignment was with USAREC. I went to school at Fort Ben Harrison in 1991.
Don't forget to fill out your preference sheet for where you'd like to be assigned, but don't hold your breath waiting to get one of those assignments. :rofl:
Some people do enjoy being recruiters, though. :whistling:

01-07-2008, 17:37
Sorry to hear that. I've been there and done that(Jan 01-Jan 04). It WILL be the 3 longest years of your career. There is no sugarcoating how much the job can suck. Some of your leadership in USAREC can be great guys. I know plenty of OIF/OEF combat leaders that are now 79Rs running stations. At the same time there are plenty of guys with no leadership of Soldiers time out there. Patience helps. Don't do what I did and throw my issue cell phone out the window on I95 returning from MEPS at midnight. The 1SG was pissing me off.

All you can do is take it one day at a time. Realize there are a bunch of people around you going through the same pain. What made me happier was trying to recruit in my image. I went for those guys that wanted to fall out of planes or serve his country. The college money etc was just extra gravy.

What can be cool is running into the guys you put in. After I finished my recruiting tour I man into several folks I put in at Bragg. Ran into a guy I put in an Baghdad as well. I get emails from them every once in a while.

A benefit, which I'm sure you already heard is it WILL help you on promotion. Just do your time, find a body or 2 to put in each month, and you'll be OK.

01-11-2008, 01:20
My condolences. Worst 3 years of my life.

01-12-2008, 11:57
sorry to hear

i am currently in recruiting but good news is i will be leaving in june-july yaaaaaaaaaa

recuiting sucks bad.... i would rather spend 3 yrs in iraq that 1 day in recruiting....

everything is micromanaged down to the # of phone calls you make per day

01-12-2008, 12:41
I am really not looking forward to recruiting. I have several friends that were recruiters and I've heard all the horror stories. I am currently putting together a Bradley Master Gunner packet in hopes that will keep me in my current unit. I should have known something like this was coming. I have been in the same company for nearly six years.
I don't need recruiting for promotion purposes. I think in the long run, MG would be better. I picked up E7 in December 2006 with only 10 years in the Army. I've been trying to get to MG school for a few years now, but with constant deployments it has been impossible. After this 15 month deployment, I'll have spent 36 months in Iraq since 2003.
I told the wife the other night and she took it better than I did. She says we'll make the best of it. She makes this whole Army thing a lot easier.
If I don't get out of it, though, I'll do my best. Sometimes it's rough having a strong work ethic and integrity. :tongueout:
Hey, at least I won't deploy for three years.

01-14-2008, 22:19
Recruiting Command didn't invent micro management, but they sure did perfect it. Nothing you have done in your carreer will matter to them, nor will they care about you or your family. All that matters is numbers. Hero to Zero from month to month. Hate to paint such a bleak picture but I have nothing but contempt for the command and the system. I was moderately sucessful and survived, mainly because I was too stuborn to fail. I witnessed many a good NCO ruined by a worthless chain of command. Do what you can to get out of the assignment, if you can't, don't let them beat you down.

I was assigned to Altoona Pa from 87-90 as a SSG. Our office was in a strip mall with a bar a few doors down. My station commander was a POS E-7 that would go down to the bar and have a beer, come back and crack the whip, then go down and have another beer. This would go on a couple times a night. Leadership at its finest. COC didn't care, we were the top station in the Company and carried the Battalion. He could do no wrong. Ah, the stories I could tell. Good Luck.

01-15-2008, 03:40
Just don't roll no donuts.:whistling: Or not too many, if you can avoid it.

"Hey, at least I won't deploy for three years."

There are worse things than being deployed. ;)