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01-10-2008, 19:09
I'm near Valdosta and there's no public ranges closer than 3 hours away. Where do you people in S Georgia shoot?

pvt pyle
01-10-2008, 19:21
a range is getting built in Valdosta,Thomasville has a range you have to become a member to use it,Tifton has a skeet only range

01-10-2008, 20:44
I just step out my back door. :cool:

01-10-2008, 21:12
Try here:

01-10-2008, 21:29
Go south on I-75, take exit 5, turn right and you'll see signs for a range on your right hand side...

01-10-2008, 22:33
I live in an apartment complex so I can't go outside and shoot. I looked at the one off 75, Little River, it's an outdoor range that's $250 to join for a year.