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05-20-2002, 14:46
Two guys, Harry and Jack, were eating at a roadside cafe and began to argue over how much average people knew of calculus. To prove that an average person did know basic calculus, Harry called over their enthusiastic blonde waitress while Jack was in the restroom. He told her to answer "x-squared", no matter what he asked her later. The blonde, delighted to be a part, agreed. When Jack returned, Harry steered the conversation back to their debate, and bet him five dollars that even their waitress could do simple integration. Jack agreed, and Harry called over the blonde and asked her "What is the antiderivative of 2x?" The blonde replied "x-squared." As Harry collected the bet from the astonished Jack, the waitress looked back at them and said, "Plus a constant." ;i ;i ;i

Steve Koski
05-22-2002, 07:04
She's right ya know.

05-22-2002, 07:34
That is one awful joke. I do like your sig line, however.