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01-12-2008, 04:37
February 8 - 9, 2008. I am teaching a CC-H class on the 8th, but I'll be there on the 9th. The wife wants to go and "just look around". So, I'd better have cash in hand. At the most recent show in W-S, she found me an almost NIB 1982 Colt Series 70 that had laid in the Cumberland County Sheriff's evidence locker from 11/02/1985 until June 2007 (25 years). It looks like it was shot little and dropped only once (Hands up, drop the gun!)?

01-12-2008, 22:49
Thanks for the heads up. I have had the feel for something new since Christmas.

01-13-2008, 04:34
February 9 & 10 - sorry

01-20-2008, 23:20
Is this show a good one to go to.? I live in charlotte and the ones they have here leave a lot to be desired. Just wondering if it was worth the drive.

01-21-2008, 04:41
In this area, the Greensboro gun show has more to offer than the Winston-Salem and Lexington shows combined. The last time I attended, there were two rooms of displays and it took most of a day to see everything. Bring a lunch. It's difficult to get near the concession stands for all the people camped out at the tables "looking to trade". At the most recent show in Winston-Salem, no one wanted to buy, only trade. Expect to pay for parking as well as admission. Get there early or you'll have to walk a far piece from the "back forty", especially if there is another activity scheduled at the complex. Look out for the parents with their mega-strollers. They'll run you down. Unfortunately, I can't get there until Sunday. With the threat of the Leftists gaining control of the White House and Congress in 2009, I expect there will be a brisk business in soon-to-be-banned rifles and hi-cap magazines. Good Luck.

02-09-2008, 21:30
Big Show ... LOTS of people. Lots of vendors .... hard to find any deals .. depends on what you are looking for .. Georgia Arms has good ammo prices!!

02-10-2008, 10:14
Yes it was packed! I was there from opening till 1:30 and onl left because I was starving and refused to pay 3 bones for a hotdog:steamed:. Did not see an real deals myself but with all the vendors and the variety of prices they have on the same item it was a chore to keep up with. Example "boresnake at table one for $18 dollars and then down the isle at table six for $10 dollars:crying: don't ask which I bought. There were some good deal on AR-uppers in the 300 to 400 dollar range but I seen well used $800 dollar rifles listed for $1200. It really is up to you to get there early, walk around and take detailed notes on what it is you want and then before ou leave run around and get the best deals you could find.
Geaorgia arms did have some decent prices on ammo. I got 500rds of .223:wavey:

02-11-2008, 12:25
I got there when it opened also and the line waiting for tickets was way long, I knew that wasn't good. It got so crowded so fast that you couldn't look at anything. I didn't see any real deal, most of the stuff was overpriced and it's all repeat stuff from table to table. We left about 11:30 and went to eat, I will say this though, I bet Ed's Guns made enough to make it through the year, their table was packed out!!