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01-12-2008, 22:02
I visited the Southaven Gun Show today....what a disappointment for the $7 admission fee!!

At least 60% of the place was taken up with cheap knives, airsoft, jerky and the like. Of the firearm tables - the "dealer" tables were typical...what I wanted to see -- the individual collector tables had nothing outstanding...just a few over-priced firearms in less-than-decent shape.

Trust me -- save your admission fee and pass up the show tomorrow...I'll not be back.

01-25-2008, 22:16
I know what you mean. The gun shows in both Southaven and Memphis are becoming more and more disappointing. I've had much better luck dealing with fellow customers than the dealers. Seems like what I (and the other patrons) have is pretty much 'worthless' (although I know otherwise)and the dealer's guns are the most valuable weapon on the planet - and priced as such! I did pick up a couple of mini-30 magazines for myself as well as two cheap airsoft pistols for the boys. Had to - hate to leave empty handed after dropping $6 each (with $1 coupon)for myself and my girlfriends thirteen year old. It was his first gunshow, and needless to say HE was fascinated. I guess, in hindsight, him having a good experience was worth it anyway and I enjoyed having him attend with me. He has shot various firearms in the past with his relatives, however we have yet to shoot together. This is changing this spring , as we are joining the gun club in Hernando MS. Waiting with great anticipation!!


01-25-2008, 23:30
Good job Wilson. Recuit... recruit...recruit! That was money well spent. Priceless!

01-26-2008, 00:02
I've never been to a gun show. :(

Don't really care although I pondered going to the SHOT show this year.