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01-16-2008, 04:25
Ok, this Saturday, 3 EST live from England, BJ Penn takes on Joe Stevenson for the interim LightWeight title. Who takes it? I got Penn, he is just AMAZING!! *man crush*

Also Gonzaga takes on the first loss of his career, a rematch with Fabricio Werdum. The rest of the card is actually looking pretty good, but I don't feel like a complete review. Feel free to chime in.

01-16-2008, 13:41
I don't think i'm going to bother getting this one. It's on at noon Pacific time. I dunno, I'm just not really all that excited for this one. I like stevenson a lot and think he might have a real good chance in this one. I hope Werdum beats Gonzaga. I also thinkg Kendall will beat jorge, jason lambert over gouveia and davis over laudin.

01-22-2008, 04:46
Well, you missed a GREAT card.

Jorge Rivera BEATDOWN Kendal Grove with beautifully accurate striking at the end of the first.

Jason Lambert DOMINATED Wilson Gouveia in the first round before getting hit with a left hook that i swear looked like it killed him. Lots of power shown by Gouveia.

Davis had his way with the frenchman Liaudin before Davis decided to end it just after a minute into the first round. Nice left puts his lights out instantly.

Gonzaga tore Werdum up with kicks in the first. Unfortunately, he looked like he didn't expect to go any longer and his cardio, or lack thereof, betrayed him, leading to a second round stoppage victory for Werdum. I am saddened. :crying:

And BJ Penn is now Joe Stevenson's Daddy after two rounds of bloodying him up and beating him down before he locked in the rear naked choke to become the UFC Lightweight Champion. Penn will now defend against former champ Sean Sherk.

Some pics of Penn's domination.





01-22-2008, 04:46

01-22-2008, 14:49
i saw the penn and gonzaga fights. Meh, they were alright, nothing really spectacular. Glad to see most everyone finished their fights instead of going to decisions.

01-22-2008, 16:04
I'm not really a BJ Penn fan but after the Stevenson fight and the post fight blood licking, I'm convinced he's a little bit crazy and on a whole other level as a fighter.

If he stays in shape I don't think their is a fighter alive that he can't dominate at 155 and 170.


That is an awesome photo. It captures the truth of fighting. The victor, with blood stained hands, stands triumphantly while his opponent wallows in the agony of defeat. That's epic!

Mr. S
01-22-2008, 16:40
BJ loks like he is in much better shape than he was last time he fought Hughes.
How do you think he will do against Sherk??

01-22-2008, 17:21
well since sherk got busted using roids, he won't be using them any longer. I have a feeling BJ is going to be able to beat him. He's far more skilled and experienced.

01-22-2008, 17:41
Penn's skills have never been in question, however, conditioning has. Now that he's with it, look out UFC. In the Hughes fight he ran out of gas.

01-22-2008, 18:31
Actually he separated a rib while taking Hughes' back. And like Penn said in the post-fight, "Sherk, YOU'RE DEAD!"