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05-22-2002, 16:25
I carry my trusty Glock 27 in an IWB holster without a thumb break. I am special ordering an IWB holster with a thumb break. The "guys" at the local gun shop think its nuts to even consider using a thumb break because it slows down response time. They are all former cops for whatever that is worth. The "guys" at the shop aren't Moms and they don't have kids climbing on them all the time.

My own and my friend's kids run up to me unannounced and hug me, climb on me, and otherwise cling on me. None of my friends know that I carry. It would not go over well at all at the Girl Scout meeting or PTA luncheon. I'm involved with a wide variety of people through all the different groups I belong to. Lots of them are even Million Mommers, blech. I don't want even one person in my community to know that I carry because the results could be dreadful.

I would never consider carrying in a purse or even a fanny pack because both of those can be removed from me with very little effort. I believe that the only way to carry responsibly is to do so in a holster that is firmly strapped to me.

How do other Moms and people who are around kids a lot deal with these issues? Do you have any thoughts on whether using a thumb break is preferable and under what circumstances? I think it's a very different issue for Moms. I never know from one minute to the next if I am going to be helping put a cover on a swimming pool, crawling around in the grass in the park playing with toddlers, teaching Girl Scouts how to build a bird house or holding someone else's baby. Are there other Moms out there who carry regularly? Do your friends know that you carry? It's not the kind of thing you can exactly announce at a PTA meeting. If you do carry, how do you do it? If you holster, do you use a thumb break and why? What do people think the most responsible and safe way to carry is when you are surrounded by kids?

05-23-2002, 11:01
I choose to use a thumb break holster myself for the much the same reasons. I am willing to gamble that if I ever need to draw my weapon, that I will not be the primary target and that I'll have that extra (fraction of a) second to respond. I feel the likelihood of a mishap with my children while horsing around is far more probable than a self defense situation. Taking this a step further, I choose to not carry "one in the pipe". In the unlikely event one of my kids does briefly get a hold of my Glock, I want the protection unracked slide between them and a horrible event.

My six year old knows I carry and has a healthy respect for weapons. On occasion she'll bump her head or knee (or what ever) on my holster and will give me smirk, but she knows why I do carry and has expressed that she is glad that I do. As for my three year old, she knows that "it" is there but has no concept of a gun or weapon. I tell her it's just one of daddy's tools, it's dangerous, and that just like the tools in the garage, she's not to touch it. Eventually she'll put together what she sees on TV with what she sees on my belt and we'll have the talk.

If you do go the thumb break route, I found mine was extremely tight when I first got it. I literally had to take the holster off and use both hands to get my Glock into the holster and snapped at first. After leaving the gun in the holster overnight or over the weekend, the holster stretched enough to allow one handed insertion and just a little force to get it snapped. Soon enough, it stretched to the point where insertion is easy, the weapon secure, and the thumb break just takes the lightest touch to unsnap, yet the weapon is otherwise secure and tight.

05-23-2002, 11:22
I think there are other options besides a thumb break. My wife got a roto-holster for her Kahr 9mm. Besides being able to adjust the holster so she could carry strong side, or cross draw, or in-between, the holster was designed (at least according to the paper work with it) that unless you are pulling the gun straight out in is near impossible to do. The intent is that the gun can't be pulled out of the holster except by the person wearing the holster.

In the limited amount of time she's had it, it seemed to live up to it's design.

05-23-2002, 23:18
I had a thumb break on my first holster, which i hated (the thumb break, not the holster). However, I do not have children. I think in your case, it is perfectly reasonable for you to feel the need for a thumb break. Just ignore those gun store guys! Yes, it slows down response time, but it will also slow down any curious attempt by the children - which in this case, is a first priority.

It's great to hear of a mom who is conscientiously carrying her gun!

You go girl!


05-24-2002, 09:24
I know you indicated that you don't like the fanny pack option because it's too easily separated from your bod, but thot I'd pass this on...

Coronado Leather has 2 smallish fanny packs that have an extra belt slot on the back so that you can have your regular belt running thru the slot in case the strap breaks or is cut or something.

You can also lock the gun compartments on all their stuff if you DO have to take the pack off. Zipper has an integral lock.

alfred guard
05-27-2002, 10:12
;a ;a I think all of you are right, I also have a 9 yr old, I would look at my trigger guard when carry a glock, not a thumb brake.;a ;a ;a

05-27-2002, 18:15
I have two boys, 9 & 5. They know that I do carry, but they forget because they can't tell and I try to make a non-issue out of it. I agree with you on the no-purse-or-fanny-pack-for-me. My reason (besides the kids) is that if I need to just makes more sense to have the gun ON me...not in a place where it can be (and is likely to be) removed from my person.

As for thumb favorite holster for my 26 is a soft, suede-like Uncle Mike's "sidekick" which I wear at has an adjustable velcro thumbreak which is easy to use...I really like this holster and at $19.00 (+/-)'s a bargain.

My leather IWB's don't have thumbreak...but I never feel like I need fact, I don't use the keeper strap on my belly band ...

05-29-2002, 17:18
Originally posted by mxb
I have two boys, 9 & 5. They know that I do carry, but they forget because they can't tell and I try to make a non-issue out of it. I agree with you on the no-purse-or-fanny-pack-for-me. My reason (besides the kids) is that if I need to just makes more sense to have the gun ON me...not in a place where it can be (and is likely to be) removed from my person.

My kids (age 6 and 10) have both sidled up to me and bashed their various body parts on my holstered Glock and/or extra mags. Although normally inquisitive, neither one has ever asked me what that big hard thing is on my hip. Maybe they just think that I'm bony?

There is one other reason I don't like the fanny pack option. I actually tried to carry my Keltec P32 in a fanny pack once. I carry all the time because it's too much trouble to get it in and out of the locked safe many times a day whenever I am going to go out. About the third time that I turned around and the fanny pack knocked into or caught on something while I was going through my daily routine, I decided that it was a bad option for me. I take NO chances. When I carry, I am responsible for myself, my family, anyone within shooting distance of myself AND the reputation of other gun owners.

05-30-2002, 02:08
Cyn, you make a good point - re: bashing into things with the fanny pack. I think almost any holster, esp. OWB, will potentially cause the same problem when first worn. When i first started to carry, I was using OWB kydex, and the times i bumped that thing into stuff before i got used to it... scary! Just something else to think about when getting used to the carry method. I'm sure it's worse with a fanny pack!

05-30-2002, 10:46
Sorry to be off topic, but I noticed you said you have a 27. I'm going to get one tomorrow, but was wondering if based on your experience you think something else is better?

05-30-2002, 13:52
HI LongBowGT,

If you want to start a new thread on which guns folks carry and why, feel free. :)

Personally, I love my 26. ;)

05-31-2002, 02:45
[QUOTE]Originally posted by LongBowGT
Sorry to be off topic, but I noticed you said you have a 27. I'm going to get one tomorrow, but was wondering if based on your experience you think something else is better? [/QUOTE

I love my Glock 27 for carrying. I have tried my husband's larger Glock and it's just a little too big for my comfort. Anything smaller doesn't have the stopping power that I want. Just like Baby Bear said. This is JUUUUUUUST right. The important thing is for you to feel comfortable and be 110% trained on safe and proper use of your sidearm.

Mr. Blandings
06-01-2002, 18:05

The only problem I would see with a thumb strap on an IWB holster is being able to open the snap. In fact, if you are having the IWB custom built I would consider having the snap release away from the body (opposite the normal) in order to assure that snap will always have enough space to move away from the strap to release. If this is not an option, always make sure that the strap is tight enough over the slide to allow the snap to open.

I have seen IWB holsters that had loose/stretchy straps. These straps would "give" so much that the snap ended up pushed into the body without any more room to move - it was impossible to release the thumb break!

What kind of IWB are you using now? High quality moulded (tightly boned) leather or Kydex can provide ample retention of a pistol without the need for a thumb break. Lou Alessi developed the "pull through" retention snap - this might be another way to go.

I'm not putting down the thumb break idea. Everyone should carry in the fashion that makes them comfortable. The key is to become proficient with what you carry, the way you carry it.

06-03-2002, 06:00
Speaking of bashing into things....a funny thing happened to me the other day. I was carrying with the belly band (gun under rt. breast) and I was having lunch out with 2 men. When I went to stand up, I leaned forward and the gun went whack on the table! I sat back down and said, "Yeah...I can stand up." Kinda laughed it off and left. One of the guys knew I was carrying, the other didn' just seemed really funny to me and I hope it never happens again. I was thinking they were thinking...geez..some new ironclad support bra or what?;i

06-03-2002, 15:11
mxb, I'ld tell them it was my "not-without-my-permission" bra ;e

06-04-2002, 08:16
I had a gf who carried a G27, she preferred the IWB with a thumbbreak due to the fact she worked with kids all day at a daycare. They specialize in the "My husband might try to take them" type cases, so she is encouraged to carry, but the thumbreak was a must, kids climbing all over her. One day, I about lost one of my magazines to a boy who thought it made a nice handhold. By the way, It is nice to see pro-gun, pro-defense women who aren't complaining...they are doing something to make a difference, hat's off to you all! jeremy

06-04-2002, 08:42
Thanks Jeremy! We appreciate your vote of confidence and your relevant stories! Have a wonderful day!

06-04-2002, 15:56
mxb: I have had that happen TOO often with the bellyband. My Mak is just heavy enough at the grip end to go PLOP right out of the band and into my shirt if I lean over too far. It made me nervous so I made a restraining strap out of Velcro to hold it in. Makes me feel MUCH safer. The last thing I need is my dang gun falling out of my shirt in public. Yikes.