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01-26-2008, 08:30
Have you guys seen this thread over at

A CF member did an experiment where he performed Tabata (6 rounds each, instead of 8) Pull-ups, Push-ups, and Squats every Wednesday, with a bench-mark test of Cindy (max rounds in 20 minutes of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats) every 4th Wednesday, for a total of 12 weeks. Raw numbers increased dramatically, and his Cindy improved from 19+ rounds to 24+ rounds in 12 weeks.

Very interesting. For a total of approximately 9 minutes more of work each week for the Tabatas, I'd say he made great progress.

01-27-2008, 11:27
That is super cool. Great find, data-mining the CF logs. I really like Gant. He seems like a smart and nice guy. I think the semi-scientific experimentation at CF might be the best thing about the system.

I've often wondered if tabatas wouldn't be better if done for 6 rounds. Perhaps "better" isn't the right word--maybe "different." When I do 8 rounds with the score being the lowest reps in any round, I inevitably pace the first few rounds and I've seen CFers on video doing the same thing. With 6 rounds, I think I could go absolutely all-out and probably get some other benefit. Might be smart to mix those up.

During my trip, I started thinking about doing a Starting Strength + Burpee Conditioning experiment. Perhaps do the SS beginner program and the 100 burpee race once or twice per week. Back when I did the NG 50 day program, which is filled with burpees, I had done Fran more or less before and right after the program, and my time fell from 11:00 to 7:45.

austin slater
01-28-2008, 12:02

Interesting that you brought up the ss and burpee combo. I just posted about doing the exact same thing on the crossfit board in the fitness section. I think it would work very well. I would probably put the burpee workout on friday either after the friday workout or in the evening as I lift weights in the morning. I also considered doing the burpee workout on friday and possible a cindy or something similar on tuesday since for me anyways, it tests my conditioning and not my muscular endurance so much. Its funny because I was actually going to post a question to you and others on this site about that very question. Lots of good info here!


01-29-2008, 19:38
Austin, what thread was that? I looked through a few of the numerous SS threads over there and didn't see it.

My first idea is to do a 50 burpee race as a finisher on Monday and then do a 100 burpee race Thursday. I *think* my work capacity is ok for that along with SS, which feels like a tiny volume compared to CF, NG, etc. If it's not, then I'll drop the 50 burpee race and just go with one conditioning workout per week. I might do some other burpee-instensive workout in place of the 100 race if I get bored or burned out with it.

Not saying that's awesome or even original, but it seems like an ok short-term plan (month or two) to me.

austin slater
01-29-2008, 21:16
I think my post was actually titled more along the lines of combining strength work with metcon.

The way starting strength is setup it looks like squats or lower body would be the most likely to stall out due to recovery issues. One idea is to cut the heavy squat workouts to 2xwk instead of 3xwk. I train with multiple nationally ranked powerlifters and 1-2xwk heavy is about the limit. Starting strength is different as its geared to beginners/intermediates. Squatting 200-300 is alot different then 500-700lb squats. Anyways Im wondering if you could cut the squatting frequency and still be able to increase strength and metcon at the same time. Good idea on the burpees. I think Ross has a routine for burpees as well thats 6x3 min. rounds that might be a good change of pace if you get bored on the 100 challenge.

What did Rippetoe suggest in regards to your elbow issues?

California Jack
01-29-2008, 21:22
I once read by some ex-xfit gurus that they were going to try Dan John's "One Lift a Day" and a Metcon 3 to 5 times weeklsy. Never checked back to see if it had positive results.

01-29-2008, 21:29
...What did Rippetoe suggest in regards to your elbow issues?

He said:

Golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis) is a bastard sometimes. If your loaded up on ibuprofen already (and if you're not you should get that way) you'll just have to do as much of the program as you can tolerate. Sometimes a hard friction massage helps, sometimes it hurts. Deadlifts with a hook grip or straps should allow you to train your pulls. Straps can get you through chins. Don't do any more rope or towels for a couple of years, and respect them when you do start again. It will eventually heal, and as it does use less and less grip assistance, until you're back to normal. But be aware that this may take a while, like 6 months to a year.

You're right about maybe having to drop one squat workout. That'll be the first to go.

01-29-2008, 21:39
I once read by some ex-xfit gurus that they were going to try Dan John's "One Lift a Day" and a Metcon 3 to 5 times weeklsy. Never checked back to see if it had positive results.

Interesting. I might have to go search for that.

01-29-2008, 21:51
Kinda on the subject, the following is a very humorously worded discussion of tabatas by Dan John: