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01-26-2008, 22:31
For those who are still playing Battlefield 2, this is a fantastic mod if you like extreme sniping. -- I got the download itself from "", some sort of downloading program. The mod itself is a very fast download... I think it was 15 minutes with DSL. On the Wookie forums they have some example screen shots that are pretty amazing. -- note: The "Spotter" class has been dropped.

Everyone comes in as sniper class, and all guns are available including unlocks, plus a new one (M88 or something like that, similar to the .50). Claymores don't hurt anyone, but act as "trip flares". You have your main gun, pistol, knife, tripflares/claymores, and binoculars. And.... about 15 magazines of ammo. Only vehicles are some light wheeled vehicles (DPV, etc) and transport helicopters. No commanders, no commander assets (yay!). All bases are uncappable. The objective here is to hunt snipers, not waste time capping bases!

Most shooting is done at extraordinary ranges. In vanilla BF2, the usual maximum sniping range is like 100-150 meters.... in the sniper mod, you will be regularly shooting at 400-500 meters, 800 meters alot, and every once in awhile you will be going for the 1000+ meter shots. The boundaries of the maps have been removed -- all those shaded areas on the maps? You can go there now. The "fog" that restricts vision has also been removed. You can see, and shoot, essentially all the way across the maps. You will actually learn to use the distance marks on your sniper scope's crosshairs. Paying attention to the range meter in your scope and binoculars becomes critical.

Not a lot of servers are running this, but it is something cool and different!

02-01-2008, 06:21
Anyone else take a look at this mod? I have been having a ball playing it.